VMware® vRealize™ Hyperic® is a component of the VMware® vRealize™ Operations™. It monitors operating systems, middleware and applications running in physical, virtual and cloud environments.

Application Monitoring and Dashboard

Comprehensive Application Infrastructure Monitoring

Collect a vast range of performance data—50,000 metrics across 80 application technologies— and easily extend it to monitor any component in your application stack, including an additional 40 application technologies.

Alerting and Remediation Workflows

Reduce false alarms by setting precise alert conditions on a wide range of performance metrics. Alert policies can be extended to include required acknowledgements before escalations occur and remediation actions can be automatically triggered.

Easy To Use and Extensible

Quickly configure each Hyperic agent in about a minute. Simply specify the IP address of the Hyperic server collecting the agent data and Hyperic’s Auto-Discovery takes care of the rest. Hyperic’s Plugin Framework lets you build your own plugins to practically manage any type of server that Hyperic doesn’t already support.

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