Double Virtual Machine Density and Transform the Data Center

HP 3PAR StoreServ storage is highly virtualized storage built to enhance the benefits of VMware vSphere by exceeding the demands that server virtualization puts on the storage infrastructure. The broad range of HP 3PAR StoreServ storage products deliver increased storage efficiency, utilization and performance for VMware vSphere virtualization environments.

  • Double virtual machine density (Guaranteed!) and optimize performance – Unique 3PAR storage architecture and integrations with VMware vSphere VAAI—as well as VMware Adaptive Queue Depth Throttling—increase performance, efficiency and scalability, and represent just a few of the advanced features that increase the return on investment of virtualization.
  • Simplify end-to-end disaster recoveryHP 3PAR Remote Copy Software is integrated with VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager for automated, end-to-end disaster recovery management, eliminating duplicate disaster recovery investments in both server and storage layers.
  • Spend 90 percent less time on management – Multiple points of integration, including HP 3PAR management software, HP 3PAR Recovery Manager and HP 3PAR Virtual Copy plug-ins for VMware vCenter Server dramatically simplify storage administration of the vSphere environment.
  • Cut storage total cost of ownership by 50 percent – Adding to the savings provided by doubling virtual machine density, HP 3PAR Thin Provisioning software and Thin Persistence allow implementation and maintenance of an efficient environment. HP 3PAR Thin Conversion supports the move from traditional storage to more efficient “thin” storage, further reducing storage costs.

Transform Your Infrastructure Into a Truly Agile Service Enabler
With HP and VMware

The software-defined data center (SDDC) is a new IT-as-a-Service (ITaaS) delivery model that promises to help you keep up with the rapid pace of change in IT—and your business. By virtualizing all the traditional elements of the data center and abstracting them from the underlying hardware, the SDDC creates pools of virtualized resources that can be sliced, diced and served up on demand. HP and VMware are working together to offer integrated SDDC solutions that will allow you to:

  • Keep up with rapidly changing business needs – Creating a virtual pool of servers, storage and networking allows you to deliver computing resources in unprecedented ways, keeping you agile while boosting resource efficiency.
  • Enable a dynamic yet simple IT infrastructure – Spinning up individual virtual machines on demand is fairly simple, but provisioning storage, networking, compute resources and security policies is time- and resource-intensive. With the SDDC, IT can now dynamically provision individual “virtual data centers” on-the-fly to meet the requirements of key applications with just a few clicks of the mouse.
  • Simplify ownership with a single point of accountability – HP provides the VMware data center management and cloud management products, the ideal infrastructure to run them on, and a single point of support for the entire solution.
  • Take advantage of reliable, proven solutions – HP and VMware are leveraging our experience as market leaders, our expertise built over 13 years of partnership, and our extensive investment in joint research and development to deliver on our vision of the SDDC.

Everything You Need to Virtualize Your Infrastructure

Infrastructure virtualization can help you reduce costs, improve application availability and simplify IT management, but getting started can be challenging. HP Flex-Bundles for VMware vSphere with Operations Management (vSOM) include everything you need to get started with virtualization—from VMware virtualization and management software to HP infrastructure components. With HP and VMware, virtualization is easier than ever.

  • Choose the solution that’s right for you – These simplified virtualization solutions are available in three predefined and validated configurations, giving you the flexibility to choose the solution that meets your application availability, capacity and budgetary needs.
  • Jump-start your projectHP Flex-Bundles consolidate the right software features and hardware for your objectives, and include everything you need to get started quickly and deliver predictable performance, reduce complexity, and avoid operational risk and expense.
  • Simplify managementHP OneView and vCenter Operations Management are ideal together. By pairing the capabilities of these solutions, you get complete element monitoring and configuration control plus analysis to focus scarce IT resources on the metrics that matter to the business.
  • Trust the market leaders in virtualization and cloud to get it right – HP and VMware work together to help you realize the benefits of virtualization and cloud computing through joint development, testing and performance engineering. HP is the only partner to integrate server, storage and networking management into VMware vCenter Server, through HP Insight Control, and has almost 1,400 VMware Certified Professionals (VCPs).

The Industry’s First Federated Network Solution for the
Software-defined Data Center

HP and VMware have announced plans to collaborate on the industry’s first federated software-defined network (SDN) virtualization solution in support of the SDDC. The joint solution will provide an integrated approach to automating physical and virtual network infrastructures to provide a centralized view, unified automation, visibility and control of the complete data center network. The result will be improved agility, monitoring and troubleshooting.

Scale data center resources in minutes, not months– Network provisioning is often the bottleneck that prevents data center agility. By automating network provisioning and coordinating with network virtualization automation, new capacity can now be delivered much faster.

Ease management with unified automation and control– This jointly-developed solution will deliver an integrated approach to automating your physical and virtual network infrastructure to provide unified automation, visibility and control from a single pane-of-glass.

Optimize your mix of endpoints – Our hybrid approach transparently blends physical and virtual devices under a common control plane to provide rapid time-to-value, support for bare-metal endpoints, and a smooth migration to an optimal mix of endpoints.

Save costs – HP NSX network virtualization and SDN unify and simplify management to trim administrative costs. They also allow you to benefit from standards like OpenStack to reduce spend on proprietary networking solutions.

Protect Data Center Assets, Both Physical and Virtual

VMware and HP provide a tightly integrated, real-time security solution that protects both virtual and physical assets throughout the data center. The comprehensive solution, built with VMware vCloud Networking and Security and HP TippingPoint software, monitors traffic on both the physical network and the virtual network, and provides integrated security management.

Protect the physical and virtual data center – vCloud Networking and Security provides comprehensive firewall services and HP TippingPoint delivers a complete data center intrusion protection system (IPS). Together, they deliver comprehensive coverage at all levels.

Reduce risk and simplify compliance – vCloud Networking and Security protects applications and data from network-based threats. Automated discovery of sensitive data helps you meet compliance audits.

Simplify security management – HP TippingPoint Virtual Management Center manages the complete IPS platform and is integrated with VMware vCenter Server for virtual data center visibility.