The Best of Both Worlds

With the hybrid cloud, users reap the benefits of choice, flexibility and agility, and the ability to run applications at will and without compromise. In May 2013 VMware launched its own public cloud infrastructure as a service (IaaS) called the VMware vCloud® Air™

Software technology and architecture are the foundation layer of VMware's cloud solution. It comprises the tools and technology that shape an organization's cloud architecture. The hybrid solution is made possible by the software-defined data center (SDDC). The SDDC is the glue that automates migration, management and security. vCloud Air is also made possible by VMware's large portfolio of service providers, systems integrators, ISVs and channel partners.

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vCloud Air Strategy – Extend Your Data Center to the Cloud

vCloud Air Strategy – Extend Your Data Center to the Cloud

Latest Case Study: How to Buy a Cloud

As the cloud economy matures, VMware is evolving new business models to enable on-demand purchasing of cloud products and services. We’re also driving new revenue opportunities for channel partners through our subscription-based delivery platform (SDP). SDP allows partners to have a flexible way to configure cloud solutions for customers and unifies the customer experience across products, services and customer support.

Cloud-enabled Single Sign-On on VMware Horizon Application Manager (MyOneLogin)

Remembering user names and passwords has become a challenge in the SaaS era where employees use both enterprise-class applications along with tiny niche applications that work on a mobile device. IT organizations must maintain their company’s security posture and audit access controls from a central location. VMware accomplished this by implementing VMware® Horizon Application Manager™, a cloud-based user authentication application that sits between the client and the cloud-based applications to which users seek access. And by offering users one set of credentials, VMware IT delighted users while improving security and applications management.

Cloud Applications Monitoring with VMware vRealize Hyperic

As part of VMware’s ongoing corporate strategy to run its own enterprise on the same tools it offers to the marketplace, the IT organization began working with VMware vRealize™ Hyperic®, the company’s applications monitoring system for virtualized data centers.