Free Up Resources for Education and Collaboration

From server consolidation to cloud computing, VMware virtualization can help you take advantage of the latest educational opportunities without seeing your budget spiral out of control.

VMware Horizon 6 BYOD Solution for North Carolina State University

VMware Horizon 6 BYOD Solution for North Carolina State University

North Carolina State University supporting BYOD with virtualized desktops (3:15 min)

Increase Efficiencies and Reduce Costs with Server Consolidation

Today, nearly every university, department and college operates at least one data center. VMware customers average server consolidation ratios of 12:1, dramatically reducing power costs and physical space requirements—and many customers attain even higher rates. And server consolidation is just the beginning.

  • Reduce hardware and operating costs by as much as 50 percent and energy costs by 80 percent.
  • Reduce provisioning time by up to 70 percent.
  • Focus less on IT management and more on student education with virtualization and cloud computing technologies.

Build and Deliver Critical Shared Services with Cloud Computing

Adopting a cloud computing approach to virtualization enables greater cooperation among and within colleges and departments. Standardizing and automating IT service provisioning and management reduces maintenance burdens while delivering tailored services on demand. Storage, network and server resources can be abstracted and pooled, then allocated based on defined business rules and user demand.

  • Automate provisioning and deployment, and deploy in minutes rather than weeks.
  • Gain clear visibility into IT costs and evolve to a chargeback model.
  • Customize your environment, integrate with third-party solutions and use VMware-based public cloud services as needed.

Provide Secure Remote Access Across a Variety of Devices with BYOD and Mobile Secure Desktops

Universities are attracting technology-savvy, older, part-time and work-based learners who want more flexible learning solutions, including distance learning. Students and staff want to use a range of devices such as mobile terminals, smart phones, iPads and ebooks as universities continue to invest in new learning platforms and rich multimedia content.

  • Provide secure remote access to students and faculty, anytime and anywhere, with mobile end-user solutions.
  • Support workforce mobility and bring your own device (BYOD) initiatives with a mobile secure workplace.
  • Streamline workplace management and lower operational costs while supporting data security and compliance mandates.