1. What is Hybrid Cloud Powered?
    VMware Hybrid Cloud Powered badging represents services engineered on VMware vSphere and VMware vCloud Director delivered by VMware vCloud Air Network Service Providers. This unique combination provides complete multi-level security and a multitenant architecture that reduces complexity and ensures policy implementation that, as a VMware customer, can be consistent with your internal datacenter. VMware Hybrid Cloud Powered services enable organizations of all types to consume in a hybrid cloud environment. This allows IT to easily provision public cloud resources that are compatible with existing infrastructure, and quickly and securely extend their internal virtualized infrastructure into the public cloud.
  2. Who can consume Hybrid Cloud Powered services?
    Consumers of Hybrid Cloud Powered services include IT Managers and Administrators as well as Line of Business (LOB) users and developers across enterprises, small and medium sized businesses and startups.
  3. Which industry verticals are suitable for Hybrid Cloud Powered services?
    Hybrid Cloud Powered services are suitable for a variety of vertical industries such as finance, healthcare, retail, manufacturing and government, to name a few. To identify a VMware vCloud Air Network Service Provider Hybrid Cloud Powered service for your particular vertical, visit our find a provider site.
  4. What are some use cases for Hybrid Cloud Powered services?
    Hybrid Cloud Powered services work across a breadth of use cases ranging from prototyping to production. Some popular use cases are rapid deployment (test, development, quality assurance), temporary or elastic capacity (seasonal workloads or projects that will experience spikes in demand) and offloading capex (organizations that do not have adequate resources or budget to invest in a datacenter or a good sized IT department)
  5. What consumption models do Hybrid Cloud Powered services offer?
    Hybrid Cloud Powered service providers determine the consumption models they wish to offer. Check with your provider on whether they offer a pay-for-use or subscription based service
  6. How do I find and evaluate a Hybrid Cloud Powered service?
    Visit http://vcloudproviders.vmware.com/find-a-provider to find and evaluate the ideal Hybrid Cloud Powered service provider that fits your needs.
  7. What are the challenges with today's commodity public clouds that are resolved with Hybrid Cloud Powered services?
    1. First, it's been difficult to bring legacy IT environments to the cloud, which requires the re-writing of many existing applications. Hybrid Cloud Powered services are compatible with existing applications in the customers' datacenters
    2. Second, security is top of mind for most enterprises and it's been hard to know if requirements are being met via commodity public cloud offerings. Does IT know where data resides, who has access to it? Built on secure infrastructure, Hybrid Cloud Powered services can offer hypervisor, network and application security
    3. Lastly, once applications are developed to run in the cloud, corporate IT is often asked to take over managing it and to move it back to the company’s datacenter; this task has been difficult if the application was developed in the commodity public cloud. Hybrid Cloud Powered services not only deploy the same set of products/technology stack running on-premise but can also run VMware vCloud Connector, which makes the task much easier.
  8. How are Hybrid Cloud Powered services priced?
    Hybrid Cloud Powered services are priced by the VMware vCloud Air Network Service Provider offering them. Speak to your service provider to learn more about their rate card and pricing options. To find a provider, visit http://vcloudproviders.vmware.com/find-a-provider