The VMware® vFabric™ Reference Architecture is one of the VMware Validated Architecture series of reference architectures. These reference architectures provide guiding principles and recommended best practices for the use of VMware technologies. For all VMware Validated Architectures, the material is fully tested and verified by leading VMware architects who have applied the experience gained from implementing a wide range of architectures across the VMware customer base. The vFabricReference Architecture consists of a set of documents, installation and configuration videos, rapid deployment scripts, and source code examples that you can use to better understand VMware vFabric components. The architecture designs discussed include agile data, application management, and application modernization for building modern custom applications with the ability to meet dynamic business demands for elastic scaling. You can apply the information contained in this vFabric Reference Architecture to a wide variety of projects, either holistically by building greenfield projects from the bottom up, or by only implementing specific design aspects to improve portions of your application architecture.

vFabric Reference Architecture 1.0 for Modern Application Platforms

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