VMware lets you choose from a broad range of deployment options, including shared desktop and apps, to provide an exceptional end-user experience for as little as $0.50/user a day.

VMware Horizon Air Cloud-Hosted Features

Transformational End-User Experience

Enable end users to enjoy a great experience across any network, location or device.

  • Support the broadest range of devices including smartphones, tablets, ultra-low-cost PCs, Macs, and more including the industry’s lowest cost $99 PCs.
  • Enjoy better battery life across virtualized devices for enhanced workplace productivity.
  • Enjoy superior native support for non-Windows devices including Macs.
  • Provide end users with single sign on access to resources through a unified workspace.

Ultimate Deployment Flexibility

Build the optimal solution for your organization with the broadest possible range of desktop and application deployment options from a single cloud service.

  • Choose the right combination of dedicated desktops, shared desktops, and hosted apps to best meet the needs of your business.
  • Deliver on-demand access to applications from any device with remote application delivery.
  • Meet the requirements of a wide array of users, from task workers to power users, with the most extensive OS and desktop options.
  • Take advantage of a complete cloud-hosted desktop and application service from VMware at low, predictable costs.

Reduced Costs

Drastically reduce per-user costs by delivering shared desktops and apps with a personalized experience.

  • Streamline operations and reduce the support burden on IT with fully managed desktops and hosted apps.
  • Reduce costly capital investments with a predictable subscription payment model.
  • Speed deployment time from months to weeks, minimizing downtime and substantially increasing user productivity.

Enterprise-Grade Service

Gain peace of mind that your cloud environment is always available and secure with a guaranteed service-level agreement (SLA) and built-in security and support backed by VMware.

  • A 99.9% uptime SLA helps ensure end users have anytime access to data and applications.
  • Keep your cloud data protected with dedicated infrastructure for each customer.
  • Create a secure, dedicated connection between your data center and your cloud environment for better throughput and consistent network performance.

What’s Included

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