Use Cases for Your Hybrid Cloud Platform

The first public cloud to integrate with both VMware NSX and vRealize Cloud Management Platform, vCloud Air was designed specifically with enterprise needs in mind. vCloud Air delivers a true hybrid cloud experience, and is uniquely positioned to solve critical IT challenges—whether you need an affordable disaster recovery option, an efficient way to extend your data center, or a complete data center replacement.


Data Center Extension

Seamlessly move vSphere workloads to the cloud and back with vCloud Air—any application, no changes.


Disaster Recovery

VMware vCloud Air Disaster Recovery provides simple, affordable protection for all your vSphere workloads.


vCloud Air for Data Center Replacement

Securely move your on-premises VMware vSphere infrastructure to the public cloud, while maintaining consistency with your on-premises architecture.


Seamlessly extend your data center infrastructure by adding compute, storage and networking resources from the public cloud.

Speed and Agility

Build and provision IT resources quickly to meet the needs of the business, with the flexibility to move workloads as needed at any time.

Data Center Locality

Use the cloud to put data center resources closer to users and meet application performance requirements.

Seasonal Fluctuations

Add flexible cloud resources to alleviate the hassle of trying to balance IT resource capacity with demand requirements that may vary drastically during seasonal business shifts.


Scale workloads up and down as needed, even across private and public cloud resources, without overbuilding your own data centers.


Customer Spotlight: Clear Tec

Watch this 30-second video to learn about the benefits Clear Tec realized by extending their infrastructure to the cloud.

Test Drive Data Center Extension

In this Hands-on Lab, you'll explore low downtime migrations for a seamless hybrid experience and key networking features such as isolation with micro-segmentation.

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vTech Talk Video: Extending Your Data Center to the Cloud

Learn how customers are using vCloud Air to replace their on-premises date centers.

Public Cloud Strategies for Extending Your IT Infrastructure

This short guide provides vSphere users with information on how to best leverage the public cloud to extend IT infrastructure.

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Commonly Used Services 

Virtual Private Cloud

High performance, multi-tenant compute.

Hybrid Cloud Manager

Enhanced workload migration capabilities plus the ability to stretch network segments to the cloud.

Dedicated Cloud

Physically isolated, single-tenant infrastructure-as-a-service platform.

Direct Connect

Private, secure, high-speed connections from your data centers to vCloud Air.


vCloud Air enables you to safeguard and maximize your on-premises vSphere investment by keeping your IT operations up and running in the event of a disaster.

Facilitate Disaster Recovery Planning

Simplify and speed up disaster recovery planning by mirroring on-premises workload architectures, including network and security controls, in the cloud.

Eliminate Redundant Data Centers

Reduce spending on cold or warm data centers that are underutilized except during outages.

Lower Managed Services Costs

Full managed services for disaster recovery are expensive and are not required for every application. vCloud Air Disaster Recovery is simple to use and can complement managed services while lowering the overall cost of implementation.

Simplify Support with a Single Vendor

Maintain a single architecture and get support before, during, and after events from a single trusted vendor, no matter when or where problems creep up.


Customer Spotlight: City of Avondale

This 30-sec video outlines the benefits that the City of Avondale realized by using vCloud Air Disaster Recovery.

Public Cloud Strategies for Protecting Your IT Infrastructure

This short guide gives vSphere users the facts to understand how to best leverage the cloud to protect their IT infrastructure.

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vTech Talk Video: Disaster Recovery

vCloud Air services ensure your VMs are backed up and easy to access should disaster strike.

Hands-on Lab: Disaster Recovery

Learn how to leverage vCloud Air for failover, reverse failback, point-in-time recovery, and automation with vRealize Orchestrator; all using your vSphere Web Client.

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Commonly Used Services 

Disaster Recovery

A range of cloud-based protection services for on-premises and cloud workloads.

Dedicated Disaster Recovery

Better security and compliance for your data center recovery.

Data Protection

Agent-less, self-service, policy-driven backup and recovery service for cloud-based workloads.


“Lift and shift” data center infrastructure from on-premises quickly and efficiently to implement a secure public cloud architecture.

Consolidation and Cost Reduction

Meet the requirements of corporate initiatives or mandates to consolidate data center resources to reduce costs.

Focus and Alignment

Get out of the “data center business” or shift heavy IT capital investments to OpEx.


Move existing applications to the cloud while avoiding time-consuming cloud re-engineering and the need for new skill sets.

Management and Governance

Unify disparate cloud platforms that are siloed from one another for different workloads by using your organization's access policies.


Maintain access controls, security and network policies to enhance IT controls.


Customer Spotlight: VIF

Find out why VIF International Education moved its Learning Center content delivery platform from an on-premises IBM Blade infrastructure to vCloud Air.

Replacing Your IT Infrastructure

This short guide tells vSphere users how to best leverage the public cloud to replace IT infrastructure.

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vTech Talk Video: On-Premises Data Center Replacement with vCloud Air

Learn how customers are using vCloud Air to replace their on-premises date centers.

Commonly Used Services 

Dedicated Cloud

Physically isolated, single-tenant infrastructure-as-a-service platform.

Direct Connect

Private, secure, high-speed connections from your data centers to vCloud Air.

Advanced Networking Services

Enterprise-grade networking and security powered by VMware NSX.

Object Storage

Affordable, flexible storage for large volumes of unstructured data.