VMware vCloud Air Advanced Networking Services deliver enterprise-grade networking and security.

The services are powered by VMware NSX technology, providing micro-segmentation in the cloud. 

A New Model for Cloud Security

VMware vCloud Air Advanced Networking Services is a re-invented model for cloud security. 

What vCloud Air Advanced Networking Services Do

Provide Granular Network Security

Micro-segmentation powered by distributed firewalls can be deployed and attached to applications, following the application anywhere it goes in the cloud. Available with Dedicated Cloud and Virtual Private Cloud services.

Support Dynamic Routing

Support for Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) and Open Shortest Path First (OSPF) routing enables continuity in cloud-hosted applications. Direct Connect required to support Dynamic Routing.

Enable Network Scalability

Up to 200 routed network segments are supported in a single virtual data center, enabling replication of complex on-premises network topologies in the cloud. Available with Dedicated Cloud and Virtual Private Cloud services.

Offer High-Capacity Connectivity

Point-to-site SSL and site-to-site IPsec VPN options enable dozens of mobile devices and on-premises locations to securely connect into a single virtual data center.



Isolate each workload in the cloud and improve the default security configuration and portability of cloud-hosted application deployments, all from a single point of management.

Cost-Efficient Scaling

Quickly scale cloud networking, security, and connectivity, while reducing complex network administration and costs.

Workload Portability

Freely move a VM, vAPP, and some or all of an application from one defined location to another “as-is.” With Advanced Networking Services, you don’t need to change security policies, networking constructs, or reachability policies.

Enhanced Load Balancing

HTTPS and SSL termination support enterprise production workloads in the cloud.


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