High availability to virtual workspaces

Industries such as Healthcare, Government, First Responders and Financial Services demand immediate and constant access to desktops and applications to do their jobs. The VMware AlwaysOn Desktop is a solution architecture that provides continuous availability of virtual desktops, applications and across devices, locations and networks. This solution is an active-active configuration with multi-levels of redundancy as well as continuous monitoring and load balancing between sites. Replication of end user data between the sites allows organizations to take advantage of low cost stateless desktops while still preserving end user settings, data and favorites. This solution has been tested and fully validated with technology and solutions from VMware and VMware partners for an end to end high-availability desktop solution.

VMware AlwaysOn Desktop Whiteboard - Muthu Somasondaram

VMware AlwaysOn Desktop Whiteboard - Muthu Somasondaram

The AlwaysOn Desktop Ensures Availability and Continuity – Where and When You Need it Most

The Horizon (with View) AlwaysOn Desktop provides an innovative way for IT to provide business continuity and high availability for end-users within organizations that require constant access to desktops, applications and data without sacrificing mobility or end-user experience.

Experience the Benefits of the AlwaysOn Desktop
True Session Resiliency Even in the Event of an Outage

AlwaysOn Desktop is an active-active architecture design with multi levels of redundancy built in to the solution. If an outage should occur at one of the sites, the end user simply logs back into their virtual desktop and they are immediately presented their workspace with all their applications and data ready to go. This solution ensures an end user is always able to get to their virtual workspace.

Unbounded End User Mobility

Deliver virtual desktop sessions that follow end users across devices and locations. End users can securely and seamlessly connect to their virtual workspaces from a wide range of corporate and employee owned devices including PCs, Thin Clients, Zero Clients, Mac, Windows, Linux devices, as well as iPads, iPhones and Android tablets or phones.

Policy Driven Control and Identity-Based Access

Remove data from end point devices and secure in the datacenter. Set policies or restrict access to virtual workspaces based on specific users or groups of users. The solution supports two-factor authentication and allows IT to set security policies and/or limit functionality such as USB or print capabilities based on users or groups of users.

Meet Compliance Objectives

Automate compliance management tasks and reporting by using pre-defined industry templates to quickly identify and report on sensitive data exposure. These capabilities, along with trusted solutions from VMware partners, ensure that VMware-based solutions provide the strongest possible protection for your critical applications and data.

Deliver Uncompromised End User Experience

Deliver uncompromised end-user experience for users who need robust applications, follow me printing, unified communications and 3D graphics as part of their daily workspace. The Horizon (with View) AlwaysOn Desktop dynamically adapts to the end-user's network conditions to deliver a high performance and seamless experience across devices and locations.