VMware vRealize™ Suite is a cloud management platform purpose-built for the hybrid cloud. It provides a comprehensive management stack for IT services on vSphere and other hypervisors, physical infrastructure and external clouds, all with a unified management experience.

vRealize Suite Overview

vRealize Suite Overview

Dave Bartoletti, Principal Analyst at Forrester, on the future of cloud management

Dave Bartoletti, Principal Analyst at Forrester, on the future of cloud management

Automated Provisioning and Delivery of IT Services

Automate provisioning and delivery of infrastructure, applications and custom IT services across multiple hypervisors, private and public cloud services through a self-service portal and catalog.

Capacity and Resource Optimization

Reclaim overprovisioned resources, increases utilization and optimize resource scaling on-site or in a public cloud.

Unified Monitoring and Performance Management

Enable intelligent operations management from applications to storage across physical, virtual and cloud environments using predictive analytics and an integrated approach to performance, capacity, logs and configuration management.

IT Service Costing and Metering

Optimize workload placement with cost analysis, rate cards and consumption metering for showback and chargeback across private and public cloud infrastructure services.

What's in a Name?

"vRealize" is the new brand name  for our cloud management platform solution, purpose-built for the hybrid cloud.

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vRealize Suite capabilities can also be delivered as Software as a Service (SaaS).

vRealize Air Automation beta is the first of these capabilities to be delivered as a SaaS offering.

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What’s Included in vRealize Suite

vCloud Automation Center™

Automated delivery of personalized infrastructure, applications and custom IT services.

vCenter™ Operations Management Suite™

Intelligent operations with predictive analytics driving proactive performance, capacity and configuration management.

vCenter LogInsight™

Real time log management and log analysis.

IT Business Management Suite™ Standard Edition

Insight into cost and utilization to help you better manage demand, budget, CapEx/OpEx.

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