Driving the Journey – Cloud Computing

Business Transformation Through IT Transformation

Where are you on the journey to your cloud?

IT is moving towards the Cloud environment and VMware is driving the journey. An essential step toward the cloud is virtualization and the pay-offs of virtualizing your infrastructure. More than 50% of the world's enterprise applications are now virtualized, and Gartner predicts that almost 80% of companies will be pursuing a private cloud strategy by 2012.

VMware as 99% virtualized can run more than 6300 VMs with less than ten staff, roll out dozens of Tier 1 projects annually and integrate a high volume of acquisitions, each in less than 90 days. The journey to the cloud by virtualization has a tremendous payoff.

At VMware, Virtualization and Cloud are "default" architectural strategies (servers 99% virtualized and 1600+ clients virtualized), and exceptions must be approved by Architecture Review Board. We have employed a three-year strategy along with a clear architecture and program governance.

As a result, 80% of IT programs support business growth. Daily, we have the metrics to support this model: servers can be provisioned in minutes with improved reliability, our SDLC process has been optimized for speed and agility and we have improved the customer experience and reduced costs by re-engineering customer portals to Open Source (SpringSource). In addition, our migration of CRM applications to Cloud (SFDC) have accelerated innovation and improved staff productivity.

Read on to learn more about our progress in this area. In this section, you will find best practices to guide both companies new to this journey as well as companies that are further along the path. If you're looking for the basics, keep in mind the following:

  • Cloud computing follows the virtualization journey: start with non-mission critical systems.
  • Develop an architectural thought process to continuously drive toward internal virtualization and SaaS for business function automation.
  • SDLC process needs to incorporate Cloud applications.
  • Start with a pilot program to develop an understanding of virtualization capabilities, train staff and measure performance.
  • Develop a service catalog to understand existing costs and evaluate cloud offerings for potential savings or additional capabilities.

Dive in to learn more about tactical programs to specifically address these areas. For related information, please visit the Software Technology & Architecture and Processes & Control information tabs. Enjoy the journey.