Mobility Powers IT Innovation

Business mobility is key to unlocking the opportunities of the cloud, and success in this area will come from bringing the consumer experience into the enterprise. An example is smartphones; virtually no training is required because the technology is so intuitive. In the enterprise, however, interfaces are usually much harder to navigate.

Business mobility gives organizations the power to be more competitive. It allows organizations to work more effectively and connect with customers in ways that once seemed impossible. Today IT is challenged to span the bridge between enterprise and mobile-cloud applications while meeting user expectations that they will be able to securely access their work resources on any device. We must migrate toward more mobility in the enterprise and enable users to move seamlessly between devices. Business mobility is a platform IT can use to innovate in new ways and is a transformative influence today.

IT Delivers AirWatch for Simplified Internal Mobile Connections

VMware uses its own AirWatch for low-cost, policy-compliant mobile device management, data sharing and collaboration. End users can more easily work from any device, anywhere while IT gains an application deployment platform to securely deliver mobile applications.

Mirage Streamlines IT for Upgrades and Desktop Management

We used Mirage to efficiently upgrade users to Windows 7 while simultaneously improving image and desktop management. Mirage provides centralized image management for Windows desktops with enhanced levels of backup and OS migration capabilities. It also delivers an easy way to save on costs while delivering needed services—all with minimal business disruption.

Horizon Workspace—One Desktop, Many Devices, Streamlined IT

In the post-PC era, people use multiple screens during the workday—the typical worker uses up to twenty applications daily. VMware IT faced the challenge of delivering reliable access while ensuring that they enforced IT governance. Workspace Portal gives users access to the data and applications they need from any device through a private cloud. This ensures the security of company information and gives users all the apps they need through a single URL, eliminating multiple passwords.

Driving Lower IT Costs and a Better End-User Experience with Horizon 6

VMware needed to get Horizon 6 into production in order to have real-world use cases for general availability and to support the rollout of its Horizon suite of applications. VMware also wanted to ensure that the process of upgrading Horizon 6 was simple. The company put its own IT organization through exactly what the customer will go through, and asked them to take careful notes.