The End of Physical Infrastructure

IT has evolved. In the past, we were primarily responsive—build this, fix that—but today IT needs to proactively help businesses build better products and market them to customers. So how do we devote more time to provisioning business users with new capabilities and less time on infrastructure? Part of the answer is the unified hybrid cloud. Built on the foundation of the Software-Defined Data Center, where compute, storage, network and security are all virtualized, the unified hybrid cloud manages both on-premises and cloud workloads, automated by software for nearly instant provisioning of project environments and automatically scaling production environments when needed.

IT can now easily manage and move workloads between data centers and clouds from a unified platform for maximum business agility. With our hybrid cloud offerings, we can now provision new workloads or move existing workloads between on-premises private clouds to the public cloud, and back again as needed, using a unified platform to secure and manage our unified hybrid cloud. With increased agility and efficiency, we have a lot more time to help our business stakeholders solve their problems and take advantage of new opportunities in the mobile-cloud era.

Within VMware IT, we have developed our own Software-Defined Data Center in our on-premises private cloud and public cloud to build and test software-defined networks and architect the methods to ensure the security of these environments. With the hybrid cloud, users reap the benefits of choice, flexibility and agility and gain the ability to run applications at will and without compromise. Our Customer One program gives us insight into real-world use case scenarios, further enabling us to validate and optimize our solutions.

Cloud Management Solution Vision and Strategy

Cloud Management Solution Vision and Strategy

Cloud Management Solution Vision and Strategy (3:14 min)

VMware EVO SDDC Simplifies Infrastructure for Internal Private Cloud

VMware IT recently deployed EVO SDDC hyper-converged infrastructure for its own Internal Private Cloud. EVO SDDC provides the ability to scale at cloud speed for users who need high availability and elastic capacity, while keeping IT in control.

VMware NSX in a Multitenant Cloud

VMware’s Internal Private Cloud gave the team an opportunity to deploy NSX in a multi-tenant environment at scale. Other benefits of operationalizing NSX included ease of administration, rapid network deployment and self-service provisioning.

How to Buy a Cloud

As the cloud economy matures, VMware is evolving new business models to enable on-demand purchasing of cloud products and services. We’re also driving new revenue opportunities for channel partners through our subscription-based delivery platform (SDP). SDP allows partners to have a flexible way to configure cloud solutions for customers and unifies the customer experience across products, services and customer support.

Using the Power of Software-Defined Storage (Virtual SAN) for Managing VMware View Desktops

How do you ensure a solution is ready to support a production environment while managing risk to the business? This is the same question in every IT organization. To address this challenge, we deployed VMware Virtual SAN as part of our Customer One initiative, an IT partnership with VMware Research and Development and Global Services and Support designed to literally put VMware IT in the customer’s shoes prior to the general release of a product.

Disaster Recovery Ensures Application Availability

VMware IT recently completed a phase in the ongoing journey to mature its disaster recovery process. Starting with mapping applications to infrastructure, the team gained insight into the amount and location of resource consumption. Automating the application release process helps ensure executable disaster recovery.