Shifting People and Processes

True business transformation cannot happen without a significant shift in people and processes, creating the blueprint for the organizational structure. People and processes also dictate the certifications and education required at the different stages of an organization’s cloud maturity.

Within VMware IT, our people- and process-driven approach has fueled our cloud successes. With the ability to focus less on infrastructure and more on services, people in IT are changing how they work. The focus on services over infrastructure also changes IT’s relationship with business users. Thankfully, the days of taking three to six months to implement a project are over. Today, IT teams work as a single team, using Agile or Scrum methodologies to rapidly deliver a service in a short timeframe and iterate quickly to improve and add functionality to the service.

The new mantra is to get something out there as quickly as possible, see how it meets business needs and refine it continuously to mature and adapt to business users’ requirements .

Continuous Delivery for DevOps

Using vRealize Code Stream, VMware IT was able to slash release cycle time from 12 hours to 3 hours. People adapted to new processes to take full advantage of the vRealize Code Stream capabilities.

IT Architecture Governance for the Cloud

At the same time IT is leveraging the cloud for “burst” capacity, there is a closer partnership between IT and business users. Because service catalogs enable self-service and self-provisioning, IT departments are now shifting their emphasis to governance, integration, security and business continuity.

Private Cloud: Automating Testing and Streamlining Application Development

VMware IT deployed its own private cloud based on the vCloud Suite. In this model, the VMware development and operations teams are one tenant using the cloud to automate dev test provisioning and streamline application development. This video will show you how automated provisioning has improved how these teams work together.

Private Cloud: Agility and Cost Savings

The VMWare IT team recently deployed a private cloud using the vCloud Suite. This video describes how the VMware IT management team was able to increase its focus on business agility while lowering IT costs by utilizing the private cloud.