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VMware’s cloud infrastructure and business mobility solutions break the bonds that tie IT systems and end-user environments to physical hardware, providing both IT and the business greater efficiency, agility and control. VMware is the recognized leader in virtualization and automation of compute, networking and storage resources from the desktop to the data center and to the cloud. Our technologies and the open standards they support provide a powerful foundation.


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Choose VMware – the Trusted Industry Leader

A close comparison of virtualized infrastructure offerings will show you why VMware is a clear industry leader and the choice of over 500,000 customers. With a hybrid cloud based on VMware’s Software-Defined Data Center, you gain a consistently managed and secure environment across private, managed and public clouds, for all applications. Our solutions for business mobility, including application and desktop virtualization, enterprise mobile management, and content and collaboration, deliver any application to any device. VMware offers proven and unique advantages over competitors’ offerings. Explore the VMware advantage and see how we can deliver the best solutions for your enterprise.

Virtualization Review readers have selected vSphere as the best server virtualization product six years running and Horizon with View for best desktop virtualization five years in a row.


The Best Platform Drives Digital Business Transformation

Choosing a common platform to manage all your applications, from data center to device, greatly simplifies IT so you can focus less on infrastructure and more on innovation The VMware Cross-Cloud Architecture™ extends our hybrid cloud strategy with new public and private cloud capabilities that enable our customers to run, manage, connect, and secure their applications across clouds and devices in a common operating environment. As the world’s most complete and capable hybrid cloud architecture, the VMware Cross-Cloud Architecture enables consistent deployment models, security policies, visibility, and governance for all applications, running on premises and off, regardless of the underlying cloud or hypervisor.  

vSphere is our common platform for virtualized servers and desktops and the VMware vCloud Air secure public cloud. Our vRealize family delivers comprehensive management and automation across your enterprise. VMware AirWatch provides the enterprise mobility management platform of choice for customers of all sizes. VMware hyper-converged infrastructure systems make deploying software-defined compute, networking and storage fast and simple. Our vast ecosystem of over 55,000 partners and solution providers and our broad support for the hardware and applications you already own make VMware solutions easy to adopt.


Learn more about the VMware Cross-Cloud Architecture


If you want to use the leading software-defined datacenter solution that continues to innovate and grow their amazing ecosystem of partners and educational resources, choose VMware.

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The Lowest Total Costs and the Best Value

VMware provides a more capable platform for unified hybrid cloud and business mobility, so how can it be more cost effective than competitors claiming to be less expensive? The answer becomes clear when you compare total cost of ownership (TCO). Vendors claiming to be cheaper consider only a small portion of overall solution costs. When all the capital and operational cost elements of TCO are included, VMware solutions cost less.

Lowest Total Costs and the Best Value

The choice is an easy one for IT departments that want to implement the most sophisticated virtual machine migration and management tools. It's VMware.


Over 500,000 Customers Run Their Enterprises on VMware Software


Realizing the benefits of a software-defined approach to IT requires a trustworthy and reliable foundation. That foundation is built on  virtualization, where VMware is the proven choice. More than 500,000  customers of all sizes, including the entire Fortune 500, have selected VMware as the platform that can deliver the promise of a hybrid cloud  and business mobility. VMware vSphere - the industry’s most robust and production-tested hypervisor – provides VMware software-powered enterprise data centers with the reliability and performance they need.
Our many customers, thousands of service providers, and our own vCloud Air public cloud use vSphere as the foundation for all workloads – from the largest, most mission-critical server applications to end-user desktops.


VMware versus Competition – Learn More

Analysts recognize VMware as a Leader


Gartner has placed VMware in the highest position of the Leaders quadrant of every x86 Server Virtualization Magic Quadrant published – the only vendor to be so recognized.


Gartner named VMware a Visionary in its Magic Quadrant for Data Center Networking for the second consecutive year. 


VMware vCloud Air was promoted to the “Visionary” group in the Gartner 2015 Magic Quadrant for Cloud Infrastructure as a Service. 


For the fifth consecutive year, Gartner named AirWatch by VMware as a Leader in its Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Mobility Management Suites

Temkin Group 

In the latest surveys by Temkin Group, customers rate their experience with VMware as #1 among technology vendors and VMware has the highest Net Promoter Score of all software vendors.

Lowest Total Costs and the Best Value


More customers worldwide use VMware to manage their private, hosted and public cloud environments than any other vendor, according to IDC.


The VMware business mobility solution provided by Horizon and AirWatch, was ranked highest by IDC in their latest “Worldwide Virtual Client Computing Software 2015 Vendor Assessment


Info-Tech places VMware as the leading cloud management vendor. Vendor Landscape: Cloud Management Platforms >>

Lowest Total Costs and the Best Value

451 Research 

VMware is the leading vendor solution for cloud functions like self-service catalogs, cloud management consoles, cloud governance, and metering & billing.

Gigaom Research 

VMware provides the highest-rated virtual desktop platform according to Gigaom Research, beating out Citrix, Microsoft, Dell and Amazon. Gigaom Research – Sector RoadMap: virtual desktops in 2014

Gigaom Research

ZDNet and TechPro 

CxOs surveyed by ZDNet and Tech Pro Research ranked VMware as their most important IT vendor over the next three years.


Enterprises trust VMware with their business-critical workloads 

Thousands of VMware customers have successfully virtuated their Business-Critical Exchange, Oracle Databases, Oracle E-Business Suite, SQL, SAP, and Java applications.


Virtualizing Business-Critical Applications on vSphere >>


VMware customers are successfully running large Oracle databases on VMware vSphere 

Oracle users virtualize their mission-critical databases on VMware vSphere six times more often than on any other hypervisor.


Unisphere Research: The Empowered Database >>



Tests with vSphere 6 show that even very large and demanding Oracle database workloads can be successfully run with excellent performance with vSphere.


Technical Resource >>



Customer Story: Lotus F1 Team

VMware has been operating in this space for a number of years and you can rely on them. You need to be 100 percent sure you can provide a service to the guys competing - you can't delay the race for five minutes while you reboot a server or a storage device.

Full Story

A Common Platform

We offer a common set of platform services for all forms of enterprise computing. The VMware Cross-Cloud Architecture™ extends our hybrid cloud strategy with new public and private cloud capabilities that enable our customers to run, manage, connect, and secure their applications across clouds and devices in a common operating environment. As the world’s most complete and capable hybrid cloud architecture, the VMware Cross-Cloud Architecture enables consistent deployment models, security policies, visibility, and governance for all applications, running on premises and off, regardless of the underlying cloud or hypervisor.

vSphere provides compute virtualization for both servers and Horizon desktops and applications on customer premises and in vCloud Air public clouds. vSphere also embeds the network virtualization and security services of NSX and the software-defined storage of vSAN. VMware vRealize Suite manages and automates your entire hybrid cloud, even portions on non-VMware platforms. We coordinate with all major hardware and software vendors to ensure that your IT investments work seamlessly with the VMware platform. VMware and our EVO partners simplify provisioning of your unified hybrid cloud and business mobility with preconfigured EVO hyper-converged infrastructure systems that can be running in minutes.


Learn how the VMware platform provides comprehensive management and easy adoption.

The Common VMware Platform Enables Hybrid Cloud

The value of the VMware platform is multiplied by the vast ecosystem of our technology partners and solution providers who can get your Software-Defined Data Center running quickly and dependably.

Other public clouds lack compatibility with your on-premises virtual infrastructure.

Public Cloud Extension

vCloud Air is built on the same vSphere, NSX and vRealize platforms you already use to ensure compatibility for hybrid cloud.

True Hybrid Cloud

We started using vCloud during the beta phase. We found that it was easy to plug into our current infrastructure and it delivered a true hybrid model…[it] just knocked Amazon Web Services straight out of the park.


The unique integration between compute, storage, networking and end-user desktop management in VMware Horizon drives down costs in a way that other vendors can’t match.

Organizations that have strong VMware skill sets and are invested in the long-term VMware vision are going to appreciate Horizon View. The product is solid, stable and performs well out of the box.


Business Mobility and Software-Defined Data Center Advantages With the VMware Hypervisor-Converged Platform 

A VMware-powered Software-Defined Data Center has powerful advantages over other vendors’ approaches because only VMware can embed core functions like networking, security, and storage directly in the vSphere Hypervisor. By placing those services as closely as possible to the server hardware, VMware NSX and vSAN can keep I/O paths short and operate with the best possible efficiency. Our hypervisor-converged approach also simplifies service management by integrating networking, security, and storage with your existing vSphere management and eliminating the need to manage virtual appliances that other vendors require.

Hypervisor-Converged Platform

Use Total Cost of Ownership for accurate cost comparisons 

A complete software-defined data center TCO comparison includes the upfront capital costs of solution components, plus the ongoing costs of operating the solution. Operational expenses are generally two to three times higher than capital expenses on an annual basis for most IT organizations, so it is essential to consider the cost of running and maintaining your private cloud platform in any comparison. Competitors’ cost comparisons generally leave out several elements of a complete TCO assessment, shown below.

Use TCO to accurately compare costs

The VMware capital expense advantage

VMware vSphere reduces capital expenses with its superior virtual-machine density—how many virtual machines can run per host—which reduces the number of servers and software licenses you need. vSphere provides a density advantage over the competition through sophisticated multilayered memory management and highly effective cluster-level virtual machine load balancing to let you get more out of your hardware.

The VMware operational expense advantage

Operational cost studies show that VMware virtualization solutions can cost up to 80-90% less to operate than Microsoft alternatives.* VMware optimizes hardware utilization, provides superior management and policy-based automation and enables a highly available and resilient infrastructure that minimizes downtime costs. By freeing IT staff to innovate for the business and drive growth—while also providing the most capable platform for cloud initiatives—VMware can deliver lower costs and greater business value than competitors.

See for yourself with the VMware TCO Comparison Calculator 

Use the VMware TCO Comparison Calculator evaluate the true costs of server virtualization and private cloud solutions. The calculator lets you compare vSphere with Operations Management and vCloud Suite editions with Microsoft alternatives based on Hyper-V and System Center. The calculator can even include the storage cost savings provided by VMware vSAN.

Deploy and operate 1,000 virtual machines for 35% less with VMware

Save with a data center that is software-defined rather than hardware-dependent 

With VMware, you can implement traditionally expensive data center services like networking, security, and storage in software rather than using costly hardware. Other vendors with legacy businesses to protect lock you into “virtualized” approaches that actually require forklift upgrades to new infrastructure and expensive physical appliances. Compared to hardware-dependent data centers, a VMware software-defined data center featuring NSX networking and security and vSAN storage can be deployed at almost half the cost.

The Software-Defined Data Center - It's here now.

Taneja Group White Paper – “For Lowest Cost and Greatest Agility, Choose Software-Defined Data Center"

Shows that a virtualized data center with VMware SDDC technologies can cost up to 49% less than one built with hardware-dependent storage and networking.

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See why vCloud Air wins the cloud price war 

Price-performance is critical to evaluate when choosing the most cost effective
Infrastructure-as-a-Service cloud. Independent testing shows that VMware vCloud Air delivers 2x the compute power of Microsoft Azure and 3x the storage performance of Amazon AWS. You’ll need to spend 35%-83% more to get the same performance from Azure and AWS.

Hypervisor-Converged Platform

IDC White Paper – Measuring the Business Value of VMware Horizon View

VMware Horizon View saves hundreds of dollars per year per user compared to unmanaged PCs.

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IDC White Paper – Rapid Desktop Appliances: Accelerating Time to Value for VMware Horizon Deployments

Shows how VMware Horizon benefits are delivered faster and easier with the VMware Rapid Desktop Appliance Program.

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Cornerstone Home Lending

Cornerstone Home Lending switched to VMware and improved costs, uptime and productivity.

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* Additional studies available upon request.