Simplify and Automate IT Management with a Cloud Management Platform Purpose-Built for the Hybrid Cloud


The VMware vRealize product family is designed and built specifically for managing hybrid clouds and the software-defined data center services that enable them. vRealize lets you run your cloud more efficiently than legacy management tools designed in the days of siloed, static physical infrastructure. Other more recent point operations management solutions may support virtualization, but they force you to sift through alert storms and false positives caused by viewing your infrastructure from the outside. vRealize features deep integration with vSphere to provide unique platform insights that simplify monitoring of very dynamic environments. vRealize delivers broad management functionality spanning operations, automation, and IT business and financial management to make management easy to use, complete, and aligned to your business.

" VMW has established itself as a clear leader in the management tool segment. "

   ~ Barrons

Manage and automate much more than just vSphere


VMware vRealize management and automation capabilities extend beyond vSphere. vRealize Operations for Horizon gives you a single pane of glass for monitoring of your virtual desktops and applications and to automate and optimize your end-user infrastructure. vRealize Air extends familiar vRealize features for automation and compliance to hybrid cloud environments to provide rapid time-to-value and flexibility without tying up your own IT staff and infrastructure. vRealize also extends management and monitoring to physical infrastructure and other hypervisors and clouds like Hyper-V and Amazon Web Services. vRealize management packs for major third-party enterprise storage, networking and software products bring powerful vRealize analytics and policy-based automation to all your IT operations.

Protect your software-defined data center with automated disaster recovery 

Voted “Best Business Continuity Product” in the 2015 Virtualization Review Reader’s Choice Awards, VMware Site Recovery Manager is deeply integrated with vSphere to automate and orchestrate non-disruptive testing of centralized recovery plans for all virtualized applications. Site Recovery Manager integrates natively with vSphere Replication and also supports a broad set of high-performance storage-based replication products to reliably duplicate workloads across sites.

VMware vCloud Air Disaster Recovery is a recovery-as-a-service solution built on vSphere Replication and vCloud Air – a hybrid cloud platform for infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS). Flexibly protect up to 500 vSphere virtual machines with no need for additional infrastructure investment.

Virtualization Review readers have selected vSphere as the best server virtualization product six years running and Horizon with View for best desktop virtualization five years in a row.

vRealize compared

The Virtualization Practice compared vRealize to legacy management frameworks, point operations management products, and Microsoft’s management suite.

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IDC ranks VMware #1

In IDC’s latest report on worldwide cloud systems management software market share, VMware ranks first.

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451 Research ranks cloud automation

VMware ranks as the top cloud automation vendor for self-service catalogs, unified cloud management consoles, cloud governance, and hybrid cloud metering and billing.

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VMware’s large partner ecosystem and broad platform support reduces risk and deployment time for Software-Defined Data Centers

Building your software-defined data center is too important a job for just one vendor. That’s why VMware has joined with over 55,000 partners to make it easy to adopt VMware-powered solutions that fit seamlessly into your environment. No matter what business you’re in or what hardware and software you use in your x86 infrastructure, VMware and our partners will work together to make your software-defined data center deployment fast and successful.

Broad Software and Hardware Support


The 55,000 partners in the VMware ecosystem provide you with a huge selection of skilled and certified VMware experts who can help you define, deploy and operate a virtualized infrastructure of any size.


No other virtualization platform supports as broad an array of software as VMware. To help you virtualize all of your workloads, vSphere 6 fully supports 84 different guest operating systems and software vendors have certified more than 4,000 applications on vSphere. Other platforms like Hyper-V and Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization provide full feature support for a much smaller set of guest operating systems.

"Microsoft's Hyper-V, Citrix's XenServer virtualization platform and the open source Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM) hypervisor don't offer the same storage integration capabilities that technologies such as VMware's Storage APIs for Array Integration (VAAI) and vStorage APIs for Storage Awareness (VASA) application programming interfaces (APIs) do."

   ~ TechTarget

Want to run Windows on VMware? You’ll be glad to know that VMware vSphere is certified under Microsoft’s Server Virtualization Validation Program as a fully supported platform for Microsoft operating systems and applications.

VMware customers are virtualizing even the biggest, most mission critical applications and getting great performance and full support from vendors like Oracle and SAP.

VMware works with hardware vendors to ensure support on the equipment you already own. Our latest vSphere 6 release is already supported on over 500 servers, 1,500 storage arrays, and 2,000 I/O devices.

Deep Integration Points Enable a Strong Ecosystem


VMware has engineered support for deep platform integration by our partners in the form of APIs and SDKs that enable world-class solutions
that expose the best set of combined VMware and partner features to customers. Highlight integration points include:

  • Virtual Volumes – a new feature in vSphere 6 – make storage arrays more virtualization-aware. Already supported by the major storage vendors, Virtual Volumes simplify operations and enable Storage Policy-Based Management.
    vCloud API – integrates management solutions with VMware cloud infrastructure.
  • VMware Integrated OpenStack – enables easy deployment of OpenStack on top of VMware infrastructure
    so that your developers can use the OpenStack APIs to provision and manage infrastructure.

"I admit it; I love VMware’s new VVol capability...When something  comes along that is truly new and revolutionary, it’s nice to be able to say so…. This is what hyper-visor based storage management should have always been: Pure, simple, but powerful.

   ~ Evaluator Group blog

Manage Heterogeneous Private and Public Cloud Providers


With VMware vRealize Automation, you can automate the delivery of hybrid cloud services on much more than only VMware infrastructure. vRealize Automation extends cloud management to physical systems, other virtualization platforms like KVM, Hyper-V, and OpenStack, and also to public clouds such as Amazon Web Services. See the vRealize Automation Support Matrix for the full list.

VMware vCenter Server provides a centralized management interface for your vSphere infrastructure with the vSphere Web Client. Vendors of physical servers, storage, networking and backup products have extended the vSphere Web Client with plug-ins that enable management of their products from the same familiar vSphere interface. Plugs-ins are available from Cisco, HP, IBM, EMC, Dell, and many others.

Over 4,000 vCloud Air Network Service Providers in more than 100 countries give our customers vertical market expertise, compliance certifications and specialized application support that mass-market public clouds can’t provide.