Objective Evidence to Illuminate Your Path

Gain critical insight into how your costs stack up against your peers with VMware IT Benchmarking. Identify where you are doing well and where opportunities lie to improve across 18 discrete towers, 20 industries and 4 geographies. VMware’s automated approach to IT benchmarking accelerates access to the insights you need to drive the right IT investment, align with enterprise goals and run IT more like a business. IT Benchmarking is available within the VMware vRealize Business and via services engagements with VMware and select partners.

VMware IT Benchmarking

Evidence to Illuminate Your Path to IT Cost Optimization and Management

Get the objective evidence you need to see where your IT is today and where it could be across a comprehensive set of financial and quality metrics. Using the industry’s first Automated Analysis Engine, VMware IT Benchmark data compares you to your industry and functional peers without the bias traditionally found in more expensive and manual benchmarks.

IT Benchmarking helps you answer questions like:

  • What is our baseline cost for IT? Are we efficient?
  • Are we getting a good deal for equipment and services?
  • Are end users satisfied with the quality of technology tools and levels of service?
  • Does it make sense to outsource?
  • Is the IT organization aligned with the business goals?
  • Is there a positive ROI for the investment in IT?
  • Are we properly staffed and does our staff have the right skills?
Get the Data You Need to Make Fact-Based Decisions

The usefulness of any benchmarking engagement hinges on the ability to make in-depth cost comparisons with the most current, objective and relevant data. Typical engagements benchmark against top level costs for “hardware” or “personnel” for example. However, this rarely reveals the underlying reasons for a benchmark result or gives any meaningful indication about where an organization should focus improvement efforts.

With VMware Benchmark data, you get access to the most current and comprehensive benchmarking data available including:

  • More than 3,500 comparative benchmark measurements across 20 industries, 18 towers and 4 geographies
  • Between 200-600 peers per tower and growing
  • In-depth metrics to drill down to provide better visibility into the true cost drivers and where to focus efforts
  • Data sets which are no more than 18 months old

Learn more about VMWare IT Benchmark Data Set.

Superior Peer Selection Drives Greater Relevance

The VMware Automated Analysis Engine has the unique capability of identifying peers that closely match your unique footprint. These functional peers are critical because they provide apples-to-apples comparisons that are unmatched by traditional, manual benchmarking. IT Benchmarking includes a comprehensive peer selection methodology that:

  • Automatically selects both industry and functional peers to create the most complete, unbiased comparisons for both your environment and your industry
  • Identifies a minimum number of peers to drive a statistically valid comparison
  • Ensures the integrity of your results through objective and anonymous peer selection
  • Treats each tower as completely independent with tower-specific peer groups

Learn more about how the Automated Analysis Engine uniquely selects peers.

Get the Insights You Need Now, Not Next Quarter

Typical benchmarks can take from several weeks to many months to complete, taking into account both client and analyst constraints. VMware provides clients the flexibility to control the data entry and analysis timeliness. There is no analyst to submit data to, no waiting for feedback or reports and no waiting to get on a tight schedule. Once data is collected, the final reports can be generated within minutes.

Eliminate Subjectivity with a Structured, Automated Process

The traditional benchmarking process is complex, with the process often subject to the whims of analysts. IT Benchmarking is a carefully structured, automated process where client information is collected, analyzed and presented in the exact same manner each and every time. This eliminates many of the issues and challenges associated with the subjectivity in traditional benchmarking. Every client benefits from exactly the same high quality analysis and reporting, without the individual interpretations that are common in the benchmarking industry.