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TELUS Communications Company


From Legacy Applications To Cloud Services: Virtualization Helps TELUS Build Secure, Reliable, Infrastructure And Desktop Services For Internal And External Customers

“As a large organization that provides information and communication solutions to Canadian businesses, cost, performance, and reliability are key factors in how we deliver products to our customers. Virtualization is an enabler to do that.”

— Chris Renter, Manager, IT Architecture

Red Deer College


VMware View Provides The Foundation For A Virtual Desktop Infrastructure That Makes Desktop Environments Easy To Deploy, Easy To Access, And Easy To Manage

“Since we were already using VMware technology to virtualize our servers, it just seemed like a natural progression for us to move to VMware View for our desktops. We’ve really done our due diligence, and we’re confident in our decision.”

— Dave Hunter, Associate Director, IT Services

Marshall University


VMware Virtual Technology Enables You To Consolidate Servers, Maximize Resource Utilization, Simplify IT Management, And Enhance Data Protection

“The vSphere upgrade was so smooth that the users had no idea it was being done. There were no outages, no problems at all. We’ve received a lot of positive feedback from users since upgrading to vSphere. The most significant benefits include faster server provisioning and simplified IT management, such as patching servers and managing resources and storage from vCenter.”

— Edward Aractingi, Assistant Director of IT Infrastructure Systems

Larimer County


Larimer County Provides Agile, Cost-Effective Services to Citizens with VMware Software

“Our virtualized environment delivers significant cost savings and allows us to improve performance and service delivery at the same time. Normally, these two things don’t go together — service or performance generally take a hit when you’re trying to reduce costs,. In our VMware environment, we’re able to do both, which makes our clients and the CIO very happy.”

— Steve Schneider, Infrastructure Group Manager

Eanes Independent School District


VMware View Provides A Platform For Desktop Virtualization That Helps School Districts Reduce Costs Of Desktop Environment

“VMware View extends the life of the technology we already have, so that our students aren’t negatively impacted by the ups and downs of the economy and educational budget cycles.”

— Carl Hooker, Virtualization Coordinator

Kaweah Delta Health Care District


Kaweah Delta Health Care District is using VMware to Dramatically Improve Availability and Run Tier 1, Mission-Critical Applications—Plus Create a New Revenue Stream

“We are moving as many of our mission-critical applications to the VMware environment as we can. I see VMware as our primary platform. It gives me peace of mind about availability and performance because it just works. I never have to deal with it. And the improved utilization helps control costs. These days, the first thing we ask a new software vendor is, ‘Does it run on VMware?’”

— Dave Gravender, Vice President and CIO

Norman Regional Health System


VMware View Provides A Scalable And Flexible Desktop Environment That Simplifies Administration While Providing Health Practitioners With Better Access To Applications And Patient Data

“VMware View makes it easier for us to create and maintain a highly available and easily accessible desktop environment for the doctors and nurses at our new hospital. Taking advantage of this technology frees up our staff to do what they do best: healing patients.”

— Bobby Thompson, Manager, Technical Services

New South Wales Fire Brigades


VMware Virtualization Enables NSW Fire Brigades To Share Enterprise Systems With Other Agencies While Boosting Its Own Internal Efficiencies

“The new virtualized infrastructure enables us to scale to deliver growth while ensuring we constrain server sprawl and upgrade our disaster recovery capabilities.”

— Matthew Robey, Manager, Operations

RM Asia-Pacific


VMware vSphere 4 Reduces Hardware Procurement And Administration Costs, While Enabling Server Resources To Be Provided For Applications And Services As Required. It Also Reduces The Cost And Time Required To Test And Develop New Applications And Secures Redundancy And Disaster Recovery.

“VMware’s ability to partition individual servers into multiple virtual machines running separate applications and operating system instances – and allow administrators to create and destroy virtual machines in minutes – made particular sense for us. We needed to create new environments regularly to support our software test and development, and we have always been an organization that runs more than one application per server.”

— Graham Hedley, Information Systems Group Leader

Vertex Software Pvt Ltd


Implement VMware vSphere 4 To Partition Five Physical Servers Into More Than 100 Virtual Machines, Reducing Power And Cooling Costs, Cutting Datacenter Real Estate Requirements And Enabling Management From A Central Console.

“Implementing VMware virtualization has enabled us to consolidate our test and development hardware from 100 desktop-class machines to five physical servers partitioned into 100-plus virtual machines managed from a central console. We have now cut our datacenter needs and handed valuable real estate back to the business, improved the speed and reliability of our testing processes and freed IT team members to focus on strategic business improvement projects.”

— Sujyot Talaulicar, Manager IT and Systems, CISA



VMware Virtualization Has Enabled The WWF’s IT Team To Contribute To The Organization’s Sustainability Goals While Improving The Delivery Of Applications And Services To The Business

“WWF-Australia can now conduct its conservation activities more efficiently and responsively thanks to a virtualized infrastructure based on VMware technologies. In addition, we are reducing our carbon emissions by deploying less hardware in our datacenter, in line with the organization’s goal of operating more sustainably on a global basis.”

— Semir Hasanbegovic, IT Support Specialist

Oklahoma Arthritis Center


VMware vSphere Creates A Virtual Platform That Brings Performance Gains And Increased Stability To Mission-Critical Healthcare Applications

“Virtualizing our entire Allscripts deployment with VMware vSphere was one of the best moves we could’ve made, from a performance standpoint, from an ROI standpoint, and from an ease of administration standpoint.”

— Chris Nelson, Director of Information Technology



“Working with VMware has made us a more agile business and given us the capability to react and adapt to our changing business needs. We have made huge savings across our IT estate in terms of cost avoidance and achieved ROI in a very short space of time. VMware’s server and desktop virtualization solutions have enhanced the performance and availability of our key business applications and our business continuity and disaster recovery plans and processes have been transformed. VMware will continue to play a crucial role in delivering strategic solutions to areas critical to the development of our business.”

— Phil Whittock, Head of Infrastructure Architecture

Children’s Hospital Central California


VMware vSphere Provides A Flexible And Efficient Virtualization Platform That Reduces The Costs Of Deploying And Managing Critical IT Systems, While Increasing Reliability And Performance

“By reducing the time and costs associated with maintaining our IT infrastructure, VMware vSphere allows us to put more resources towards creating a superior patient experience.”

— Joe Egan, Senior Network Engineer

Sunrise Senior Living


VMware Helps Sunrise Senior Living Reduce Service Desk Call Center Volume By More Than 50 Percent

“Since virtualizing Citrix, our service desk call volume has decreased by over 50 percent, from about 13,000 calls per month to 6,000. VMware virtualization was instrumental in driving down the number of issues we get on a daily basis and, therefore, the number of calls.”

— Samir Shah, Vice President of Technology

University of Wisconsin-Madison


VMware Delivers Capacity Savings To One Of America’s Great Universities

“vSphere 4 was the kick we needed to adopt a ‘virtualization-first’ policy. Our virtual infrastructure is now growing faster than ever before.”

— Bob Plankers, Senior Systems Engineer

The Brand Felt Limited


VMware vSphere Essentials Plus Reduces Capital And Operating Expenses Through Server Consolidation And Provides SMBs With Low-Cost, Enterprise-Level Services, Such As High Availability And Centralized IT Management

“ vSphere Essentials Plus is the only product out there that offers cost-effective high availability. It’s exciting to finally find a virtualization solution for us small players, not just the big enterprise corps.”

— Michael Paquette, Network Administrator

First Interstate Bank


VMware vCenter Chargeback And VMware Professional Services Helps First Interstate Create A Chargeback Model To Accurately Measure And Charge Branch Offices For IT Services In A Virtualized Environment

“Accuracy is my biggest concern— and VMware vCenter Chargeback gives our IT division a way to accurately charge individual business units for the virtualized workloads we provide them.”

— Jeff Moore, IT Infrastructure Planning Manager

A Large American University


VMware Infrastructure 3 Provides A Platform For Creating A Scalable And Flexible Virtual Infrastructure That Reduces Costs And Eases Administration

“VMware technology has played a critical role in helping us modernize our central IT environment. VMware is creating a true partnership that isn’t just about selling licenses—it’s about giving us what we need to be successful in our goals.”

— Anonymous, Chief Information Officer

Platform Lab


Use VMware vSphere As The Basis Of A Cloud Infrastructure That Provides Unprecedented Efficiency, Improves Customer Service—And Revolutionizes The Way You Do Business

“We realized we needed to become more effective and efficient with both our IT resources and our staff. So we decided to virtualize absolutely as much as we could on vSphere.”

— Steve Gruetter, Director
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