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National Democratic Institute


VMware vCloud Director Helps NDI Speed Technology Delivery Within Efforts that Support Democracy

“VMware vCloud Director helps us better serve our users, including those in developing countries. We can configure virtual servers, point to URLs, and fire up applications within a matter of minutes. It’s less costly for us and less time-consuming, and because it’s a virtualized deployment, the hosting costs are also low.”

— Chris Spence, Chief Technology Officer

National Insurance Board of The Bahamas


Failing and ‘end of life’ hardware prompts the National Insurance Board of The Bahamas to enter virtualization era.

“We will continue to harness the benefits of cost and power reduction and at the same time, be receptive to the new game-changing technologies offered by VMware”.

— Dave Forbes, Senior Manager IT Operations

Navy Marine Corps Intranet (NMCI)


Deploy VMware Technology To Run More Than 350,000 Exchange 2003 Mailboxes And Other Key Applications On VMware Infrastructure In Production, Significantly Improving Reliability And Manageability While Cutting Costs

“I was surprised by how well VMware Infrastructure handles Exchange Server. We all know that Exchange is a CPU-intensive program, but our virtualized implementation has been very successful. I’ve been impressed—especially given the 350,000 mailboxes that we’ve been able to support, the redundancy we’ve built in, and all the other demands we’ve put on it.”

— Jeff Smith, Platforms Manager, EDS

Navy Marine Corps Intranet (NMCI)


Deploy VMware Technology To Make The Military’s Vast Network Greener And Leaner

“The virtualization of an environment as large and complex as the NMCI has never been attempted before. We are working hand in hand with VMware to ensure it’s a success.”

— Greg Burke, Director Of Network Operations Center Services

New South Wales Fire Brigades


VMware Virtualization Enables NSW Fire Brigades To Share Enterprise Systems With Other Agencies While Boosting Its Own Internal Efficiencies

“The new virtualized infrastructure enables us to scale to deliver growth while ensuring we constrain server sprawl and upgrade our disaster recovery capabilities.”

— Matthew Robey, Manager, Operations



NTUC Takes A First Step Towards Utility Computing Future With VMware Virtual Infrastructure and Saves Millions While Enhancing Service

“We eventually want to move to a utility-computing model with computing power and services on tap. That way, we pay for what we use rather than being hampered with underused resources that rapidly depreciates in value. VMware virtual infrastructure is a key step to reaching that goal. VMware virtual infrastructure provides the foundation for next-generation systems infrastructure, which will put us in a good place for future growth.”

— Martin Tsang , Chief Information Officer

Ohio Department of Alcohol and Drug Addiction Services (ODADAS)


Virtualization Enables Cash-Strapped Agency to Increase, Improve IT Services Despite Budget Cuts

“We took a 50 percent hit on our IT project budget, but leveraging VMware software to make our processes more efficient, we’ve actually been able to improve service to end users.”

— Rudy Rodriguez, CIO

Ohio Department of Alcohol and Drug Addiction Services (ODADAS)


Virtualization Enables the Ohio Department of Alcohol & Drug Addiction Services to Increase, Improve IT Services Despite Budget Cuts

“We took a 50 percent hit on our IT project budget, but leveraging VMware software to make our processes more efficient, we’ve actually been able to improve service to end users.”

— Rudy Rodriguez, CIO

Ohio Department of Commerce


VMware Technology Offers A Way For Organizations To Create An Almost Entirely Virtual IT Infrastructure That Reduces Costs And Simplifies Administration

“Leveraging technology to virtualize 85 percent of our IT environment gives us the operational efficiency that we absolutely need in today’s tight budget conditions.”

— Alan Shellhause, Chief Information Officer

Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities


Improving IT Services Through Virtualization Helps Those Who Can’t Help Themselves. More Efficient Help for the Developmentally Disabled

“Virtualization has made us more efficient and agile. That means we’re able to devote more of DODD’s resources to serving the citizens, providing services directly and through the various providers we work with across the state. Moving forward, we now have even greater capabilities to continue to improve DODD’s abilities to assist the developmentally disabled citizens in the great state of Ohio.”

— Kipp Bertke, IT manager for infrastructure and operations

Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities


See how Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities replaced its traditional desktop infrastructure with VMware View virtualized desktops running on thin clients.

“VMware View has delivered on its promise. Our virtualized desktops are easier to manage and faster to provision. And they are easy to use and access, which frees agency staff to do their jobs.”

— Bryant Young, CIO

Press Ganey Associates


Press Ganey Associates, Inc. is a recognized leader in performance improvement for health care organizations worldwide. They've implemented the VMware vCloud Suite to enhance the performance, management and efficiency of IT services they deliver to external and internal customers.

"The Vcloud suite supports our technology vision by helping us manage our service oriented architecture solutions, both dynamically and cost effectively."

— Greg Ericson, , Chief Innovation Officer, Press Ganey Associates, Inc.

Scottish Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA)


With the aim of delivering a highly available, fully resilient infrastructure at the heart of its requirements, SEPA decided to virtualize their entire infrastructure along with VMware’s SRM to ensure 100% uptime.

”We simply can’t afford to have an IT system that could go down and leave the public exposed to natural disasters without warning. Virtualizing with VMware was the best way for us to ensure all our systems were kept up and running at all times. Since virtualizing, we’ve had 100% uptime across all our applications”

— Alastair Rennie, Head of Information Services, SEPA

State of Ohio


Ohio Is Turning Upside-Down IT Spending Right-Side Up

— Sam Orth, CIO

Tampa Bay Water


Virtualization Keeps The IT Systems Running And The Water Flowing In Tampa Bay

“Our data center was pushing the limits on power, cooling and space; VMware and Intel technology worked together to help us solve our challenges.”

— Steve Kroesen, Network Systems Administrator

United States Air Force ESC CIE


Virtualization Enables USAF to Improve Combat-Support Software Development Capabilities Integration Environment Deploys virtualization For Efficient, Centralized Shared Services

“Virtualization has helped CIE meet skyrocketing demand for services. They can do more, faster, with a smaller footprint with the benefit from highly available datacenter resources and simpler project management options. This can enable the Air Force to deliver better service at lower cost to the developers who create essential combat-support applications.”

US Federal Agency


Find out how a Federal Agency implemented VMware vCloud Director and VMware vShield to further improve IT services to internal customers. The result is a true private cloud.

“VMware enabled us to leverage best-of-breed vendor products and homegrown applications to build a cohesive, integrated and secure solution for agile service delivery.”


Vitrociset Spa


Vitrociset Spa wanted to simplify desktop management via virtualization, enabling remote management of machines in terms of systems and applications. To offer new user services, such as portable client services, simultaneously reducing indirect costs associated with client maintenance. VMware Horizon Suite has made it possible to manage some 300 client devices, and their goal is to raise this to 600.

“Adopting VMware technology for desktop virtualization has been life-changing for us: it is an outstanding solution”.

— Massimo Salati, ICT Manager of Vitrocise

Washington County


VMware Infrastructure 3 Creates A Virtual Platform That Can Be Leveraged To Create A Highly Redundant And Resilient Public Safety System

“We are flat-out thrilled with the success we’ve had in upgrading our 911 call center without any disruption to key public safety services. That achievement in itself speaks volumes about VMware’s technology and the ability of the project team at synergIT to effectively leverage it.”

— Dan Briner, Director of Information Technology

Wisconsin Department of Children and Families


Newly Formed State Agency Chooses Desktop Virtualization to Meet Employee Needs for Access, Mobility

“CIOs will have the best results if they give their staff the ability to come back with the toolsets that will serve them best. My team took me seriously when I asked them to find the best. They found VMware.”

— Maytee Aspuro, CIO and IT Director
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