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Perfect Health: OSIS Provides 100 Percent Uptime for Its Healthcare Clients with VMware

OSIS cannot tolerate downtime. Community health centers rely on OSIS to host their healthcare applications, and if those are unavailable, patient care will suffer. After struggling with outages for years on the Microsoft Hyper-V platform, OSIS migrated to VMware vSphere with Operations Management and achieved 100 percent uptime of IT systems.

“We had bad experiences with Hyper-V. Practically my first day on the job, one of my first questions was, ‘Why don’t we have VMware?'"

"Moving to VMware has freed up a lot of time for the entire team.”

— Rob Frilling, Infrastructure Team Lead and Senior Virtualization Engineer

Agropur Ingredients


Agropur Ingredients Improves Performance and Reduces Downtime by Deploying VMware Virtual SAN Solution

Agropur Ingredients operates a network of plants to make cheese and other ingredients for food-industry customers. Each plant operates its own data center to ensure that cheese and ingredient making continue around the clock. When an aging and out-of-capacity physical storage solution began to slow operations and hinder system maintenance, the company turned to the VMware Virtual SAN™ solution. The result: more capacity for less cost and improved system and application performance.

“In the past, we had no ability to add storage or scale to meet our growing needs. Today with Virtual SAN, I can add more disk on the fly without even thinking about it, and memory upgrades have become a breeze.”

— Caleb Holmstrom, Network Administrator, Agropur Ingredients

Internet Initiative Japan (IIJ)


Internet Initiative Japan (IIJ) chose vCloud NFV for Omnibus services

IIJ transformed to a cloud-based deployment of telecoms services for enterprise customers using the multi-vendor and multi-domain capabilities of the vCloud NFV platform. In doing so IIJ can automate customer services to provide increased customer satisfaction and service margins and mitigate some of the security challenges associated with managing on-premise customer equipment. Customers are provided secure dedicated resources to run network functions specific to their business needs on a shared IIJ service infrastructure.

Comfoor B.V.


DLA ICT/ Comfoor vCloud Air Network video

Comfoor explains how it works with vCloud Air Network partner DLA ICT to equip itself with a robust and reliable Disaster Recovery solution in the form of vCloud Air.

“Working with DLA, together with vCloud Air, has been very important for Comfoor. It means that we can make our data recovery more efficient, and we don’t have to pay for a redundant service when we don’t use it.”

“Using vCloud Air, we can deliver a more reliable service to our customers.”

— Koen De Winkel, Operations Manager, Comfoor



Smartvie/DARZ vCloud Air Network video

Smartvie explains how, by working with VMware vCloud Air Network partner DARZ, it uses vCloud Air to provide scalability and flexibility to its retail customers using its services.

“VMware is one of the leaders in virtualization software, so the combination of working with DARZ and VMware for us means that we can have the advantages of data storage at DARZ, and the computation on the cloud. This allows us to really scale up when it’s needed, and have full flexibility as well as data security.

With the solution by DARZ and VMware, we store customers’ data securely, and have no problem with the rules and regulations set by the government.

We can be fast and agile, as well as stable and reliable for our customers.”

— Mustafa Azim, CEO, Smartvie

Vancis B.V.


Vancis explains how, through its role as a vCAN partner, it is able to deliver virtualized infrastructures to educational institutions in the Netherlands, helping them lower their operational costs and allocate cost savings elsewhere.

“We use the vCloud Air Network for virtualizing infrastructures and renewing customer data centers by bringing them virtually, and lowering the operational costs of their IT.”

“VMware helps us with growing our business by showing us new products in advance, giving us competitive prices so we are good in the market, and helping and helping my technicians run VMware solutions better, so we can help our customers.”

“We are looking to renew our desktop proposition using VMware Horizon suite and making our data center more software-defined, based on VMware solutions.”

— Ramon de Jong, Manager of Cloud Services, Vancis B.V



Clouditalia discusses its role as a premium vCAN partner, and how it uses VMware solutions to enable its telco customers to keep their business operations running at all times.

“Flexibility and reliability are two of the main issues our customers want to use our cloud offering for. VMware is the leader in private cloud data centers and is, at the same time, a leader in the public cloud. Thanks to the connectors that VMware technology has given to its ecosystem of partners, we have the ability to easily manage hybrid cloud environments. It’s the best answer to the reliability and flexibility needs of our customers. We’ve increased revenues by 10% since introducing their technology into the company.”

— Francesco Baroncelli, Director, Market & Operations, Clouditalia

The Jockey Club


The Jockey Club details how, by working with VMware vCAN partner Carrenza, it has used vCloud Air to help it manage variable workloads, disaster recovery and back office IT.

“We have a need to provide Disaster Recovery services cost-effectively, and we don’t feel it’s appropriate for the partner to be delivering those services to us without relying on what we know is a great infrastructure that sits behind it, which is delivered by VMware.”

“Using VMware’s public cloud enables us to manage the unpredictable.”

— David Dommet, Group IS Director, The Jockey Club



Carrenza explains how it uses the vCloud Air Network to provide guaranteed scalability and availability of its resources to its customers.

“The vCloud Air proposition gives us an ability to scale worldwide. By using vCloud Air, we can guarantee the resources to our customers.”

“Carrenza can build to our customers’ steady state, and rent the peaks and troughs in demand from vCloud Air.”

“This allows Carrenza to deliver a SaaS-like service to our SVs, allowing them to compete in their markets much more effectively.”

— Matthew McGrory, Managing Director, Carrenza



CommuniGator explains how it uses vCloud Air technology to underpin its SaaS marketing automation software with Disaster Recovery, reliable infrastructure and the ability to scale itself on demand.

“The vCloud Air platform gives us – probably for the first time – a really cost-effective platform to deliver Disaster Recovery."

“The real USP around vCloud Air is the cost benefit for us in terms of not having to duplicate costs across the board.”

— Aaron Yates, Owner, CommuniGator



Nexinto discusses its role as a premium vCAN partner, and how it uses VMware solutions to enable customers to keep their business operations running at all times.

“For Nexinto customers, it’s key that the business is always on, as every minute the customer is not available, they are losing a lot of money. So the vCAN program is providing us with the opportunity to cover such challenges without investing in fixed platforms, and gives us the capability of an excellent OPEX model.”

“We offer our own financial services, but are also offering our own platform-as-a-service. So having vSAN looking at NSX and getting the automation portal together is helping us to bring up [our platform] in different locations, so even when customers out of the blue tell us they want our platform in a PCI environment, we use all the bits and pieces coming from the product to actually give them an environment that is fully controlled and still monitored by us.”

— Andre Neumann, Head of Supplier Management, Nexinto

Telefonica Spain


Telefónica discusses how vCloud Air Network has enabled its Cloud Services targeted at large enterprise to provide customers with the flexibility and control to scale up their applications in the public or private cloud, depending on their needs, and use of its disaster recovery capabilities

“With our virtual data centre, we have moved all the functionality we used to provide as a hosting provider to the cloud. What previously used to be complex projects can now be self-provisioned by the customer. With an active-passive environment, you can have an automated and predictable Disaster Recovery with refined point objectives of ten minutes, and recovery times of less than an hour.”

“As VMware has such a strong presence in customer data centres, for us it was very clear that having a service based in VMware [technology] would give customers a lot of confidence when moving their applications to the cloud.”

— Antonio Oriol, Global CMO, Cloud Services, Telefónica

Dayton Superior Corporation


VMware Professional Services Helps Dayton Superior Achieve its Mobility Initiatives and Business Goals

Dayton Superior worked with VMware Professional Services to deploy virtual desktops via VMware Horizon™ 6 Enterprise Edition for greater mobility, productivity, customization, and reliability for its workforce.

“After bringing on VMware Professional Services, we were able to successfully implement the project. where it would have taken us weeks or months with internal resources.”

— Jarod Whitaker, Senior Systems Administrator, Dayton Superior

Seventy Seven Energy Inc. (77NRG)


Seventy Seven Energy Saved Millions by Building IT Infrastructure in Months with VMware Professional Services

VMware Professional Services helped 77NRG virtualize its desktops for anytime anywhere use for its employees including drilling sites, meeting its goals and avoiding penalty fees

"Because we were spun off from another organization, we had a very short time window to stand up our own infrastructure and begin delivering our own applications. With Horizon Air and VMware Professional Services, we were able to do that in just a few months."

— Jarin Dykstra, IT Director, Seventy Seven Energy

State Department of Health


State’s Department of Health Deploys VMware Virtual SAN to Increase Storage Capacity and Performance

The Bureau of Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) plays an important role in health departments’ mission of delivering healthy outcomes to all of their state’s inhabitants. Thus, when an aging, out-of-capacity storage solution began to hinder efficient delivery of the bureau’s services in one state, the Department of Health (DOH) there needed to take action. To do so, it turned to VMware Virtual SAN™, which delivered more capacity for less cost and also improved application and system performance.

“In the past, we were always worried about over-provisioning, but with the thin provisioning afforded by VMware Virtual SAN we’ve gained so much space, this is simply not an issue.”

— Network Administrator, State Department of Health

Wachter, Inc.


Wachter Reduces Storage Costs, Improves Performance and Simplifies Administration with VMware Virtual SAN

Wachter, Inc. urgently needed more data storage for their VMware virtual environment at its Lenexa, Kansas headquarters. By replacing the existing server hardware with three new Cisco nodes, packed with 45TB of storage and running VMware Virtual SAN™ software, the company reduced the capital costs of storage, improved storage performance, simplified system administration, and accelerated IT response to new business requirements.

"Most of the traditional SAN options would have given us 15 to 20 terabytes at a cost of somewhere between $5 and $7 a gigabyte. With the new Cisco servers and Virtual SAN we got cost savings at the rate of 1/5th of the traditional SAN, with 45 terabytes that cost less than $1.50 a gigabyte. It was a massive difference."

— Carl Shriver, IT Operations Manager, Wachter, Inc.

Baystate Health


VMware NSX Gives Baystate Health Security & Agility

Baystate Health found that VMware NSX is the model for healthcare networking, allowing them to be both highly secure and extremely agile in a rapidly changing environment.

“One of the things that NSX allows us to do right off the bat is multi-tenant operations. Without NSX, that becomes much more complex.”

— Mike Feld, Interim CTO, Baystate Health

Seventy Seven Energy Inc. (77NRG)


Seventy Seven Energy goes 100% cloud in only four months with VMware and AirWatch Solutions

In the volatile oil and gas industry, Seventy Seven Energy (77NRG) needed a virtualization solution that could scale quickly to support thousands of users under a tight deadline. With a small IT staff and limited resources, the company wanted a complete cloud-hosted solution. With a combined VMware Horizon® Air™, VMware vCloud® Air™ and AirWatch® Enterprise Mobility Management solution, 77NRG successfully delivered virtualized resources to 2,500 employees within just four months.

“VMware Horizon Air enables employees to access their desktop from any location, even at Grandma's house. I've had employees approach me to tell me how great it is that they can get home and start working exactly where they left off in the field. And they can use the same familiar desktop they have on other devices. This has been the key for users – they love it.”

— Jarin Dykstra, Sr. Manager, Information Systems, Seventy Seven Energy

University of Aberdeen


University of Aberdeen improves student study experience with any device, anywhere learning through VMware® Horizon™

The University of Aberdeen opted for VMware Horizon in order to improve the experience for its students and to establish a virtual desktop solution which provides them with the ability to access university applications and perform their studies from remote locations.

“Student satisfaction is very much at the heart of everything we do – and we’re always looking for ways to improve the services we can offer to them. We know that technology is more important to students than it ever has been before, so can play a crucial role in whether or not they enjoy their time here. Thanks to VMware Horizon, our students have technology that suits their needs, with the ability to study from anywhere and via the device of their choosing. We’re already getting great feedback in our internal student surveys and expect this to carry on through to external rankings, which ultimately will help to attract more students to come here – as well as the very best academics.”

“Students use a full range of devices at their disposal – iPads, iPhones, Laptops, Android Tablets. The VMwware solution has enabled them to do their learning at any time, from any place, anywhere. Previously they were limited to studying on campus, but now they have software that gives them access to everything in their own time so they can study anywhere they want to.”

— Ian Rowley, Desktop Manager, IT Services, University of Aberdeen

ESC Lab Sciences


ESC Lab Sciences Deploys VMware vCloud Air Disaster Recovery to Keep Its Business Operational Under Any Circumstances

As one of the largest and busiest environmental testing labs in the country, ESC Lab Sciences needed a reliable disaster recovery plan that would minimize the possibility of operations grinding to a halt due to natural or human disasters. VMware vCloud Air Disaster Recovery serves as the basis of that plan, integrating seamlessly with the company’s VMware vSphere environment.

ESC Lab Sciences provides environmental testing, analysis, and data to public and private- sector customers nationwide. The Mt. Juliet, Tennessee–based organization was founded in 1970 and has grown to become the largest single-location environmental testing lab in the United States. It now has more than 250 employees extending operations to 50 round- the-clock client support centers located throughout the country, analyzing everything from drinking water and waste water to air quality, industrial hygiene, radiochemistry, and more.

“It took just a few weeks to implement VMware vCloud Air Disaster Recovery and replicate our mission-critical applications and servers. Within a month, I was able to turn on those services and start doing isolated tests.”

— Tom White, Enterprise Infrastructure Director, ESC Lab Sciences
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