Integrated and Intelligent Storage Management

Ongoing IT management and operational costs can be several times greater than hardware and software acquisition costs over the lifetime of a server. Intelligent storage management features built into vSphere boost efficiency by automating manual processes and simplifying administration tasks. By integrating many storage operations that otherwise require manual storage management, customers can save money from increased efficiency and agility. This, in turn, reduces the time IT administrators spend maintaining the existing infrastructure and frees their resources for more important and valuable strategic projects.

Storage DRS improves application performance and ensures SLAs are met by performing ongoing load balancing between volumes to avoid space and I/O bottlenecks.
Watch a technical video on:  Storage DRS

Profile-Driven Storage streamlines storage provisioning by matching application service levels to the available storage tiers. It manages the initial and ongoing placement of VMs based on pre-defined VM requirements and help enhance application uptime for improved business continuity.
Watch a technical video on: Profile Driven Storage

Storage I/O Control allows you to configure rules and policies to specify the business priority of each VM. It dynamically allocates the available I/O resources to VMs according to your rules, enabling you to improve service levels, prevent the “noisy neighbor” problem, and use your resources more efficiently.
Watch a demo of: Storage I/O Control

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