Use Your Existing Systems Management Tool

You can maximize your investment by using your existing system's management tool to manage your VMware virtual machines alongside your physical non-virtualized servers. It’s the “single pane-of-glass” that IT admins desire for monitoring while still providing dedicated tools for in-depth management of particular sub-systems.

All management vendors for major systems integrate into VMware® vCenter Server™ through VMware SDKs and APIs. The list of partners includes management vendors such as BMC, CA, HP, IBM, Microsoft, Quest Software, Symantec and many others. This approach preserves your existing operational processes. While other vendors want you to replace your existing tool with a “universal” management offering that claims to do everything (from Windows to Linux to Unix, from physical machines to virtual machines), VMware works in tandem with established systems management vendors to make sure companies get the best of both worlds—physical and virtual.


Explore the rich ecosystem of VMware partners by visiting VMware Partner Solutions. To get more technical information on VMware’s SDK, visit the VMware APIs and SDKs page.