Revlon Overview Video

Revlon Overview Video

VMware is our core; it is the core of our cloud. It allows us to be very fast. And simplicity equals speed, speed equals competitive advantage

David Giambruno, SVP/CIO, Revlon

Workloads 98% Virtualized

Revlon moved 98% of all global workloads into a private cloud, which includes approximately 531 applications across the globe, making more than 15,000 automated moves a month.

300% Increase in Project Throughput

With the changes, Revlon saw a 300% increase in project throughput, with zero downtime.

$70 Million Expenditures Saved/Avoided

In a short span of two years, the Revlon IT team has saved and/or avoided more than $70.4 million dollars in expenditures.

Working with VMware, we have covered such a wide span of products in such a short amount of time that it really has allowed us to grow rapidly

Mike Canella - Global Data & Network Engineer, Revlon

How VMware Helped Revlon

Revlon had built its business around a simple idea – to deliver glamour through high quality products at affordable prices. As the company grew through its 70-year history, it found that simple goal was turning into a complex IT challenge. Not only there increasing demands from the growing, global retail locations where Revlon products were sold, but the widening sophistication of its many business units was driving the need for faster, secure, more reliable means of staying connected to information and each other – and ahead of the competition.

With no additional funding or resources, Revlon IT adopted a model of simplicity –‘faster, better, cheaper.’ That meant first virtualize everything, allowing one view of Revlon’s IT world. With the infrastructure beginning to work for the business – rather than diverting time and attention away from the core goals of the team – Revlon was able to expand into the cloud, creating more dynamic avenues for mobile data and overall network management.

In two years, the IT team had a profoundly positive effect on Revlon’s overall business picture, saving and avoiding more than $70.4 million dollars in expenditures. Today, Revlon’s cloud runs approximately 531 applications across the globe, making more than 15,000 automated moves a month – a 300 percent increase in project throughput. This helps keep pace with Revlon’s ever-expanding and diversified business, which reaches markets across 100 countries and six continents.

Revlon Fast Facts
INDUSTRY Cosmetics
EMPLOYEES More than 5,000 worldwide (Enterprise)
The Numbers
  • External customer - Products are sold in over 100 countries across six continents.
  • Weekly VM requests - 531 applications making 15,000 moves a month.
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