IT Solutions for Transforming Government

Lower Costs with Server and Data Center Consolidation Through Virtualization

Most government data centers function significantly below capacity. VMware virtualization, including data center and server consolidation, allows IT leaders to make modest investments in people, process and technology and see significant gains in cost, agility and security.

  • Reduce hardware and operating costs by as much as 50 percent and energy costs by 80 percent.
  • Reduce provisioning time of new servers by up to 70 percent.
  • Deliver IT services on-demand, independent of hardware, operating system, application and infrastructure providers as you move toward cloud computing.

Deliver Business Continuity at an Affordable Cost

State and local governments have long recognized the importance of putting disaster preparedness and disaster recovery plans into place. But the reality has been that the costs associated with such plans have been too high for budget-constrained agencies. Now government agencies can leverage virtualization and cloud technologies to implement improved disaster preparedness and planning at a fraction of the cost of earlier solutions.

  • Ensure the highest levels of availability for your applications with built-in high availability solutions, live virtual machine migration for maintenance and automatic recovery from server failures.
  • Centralize and automate site recovery plans, with business services set up to automatically recover with limited or no manual intervention.
  • Use older or less expensive hardware at the failover site because virtual machines are completely independent of their underlying hardware.

Modernize State and Local IT Infrastructure Through Cloud Computing

With VMware virtualization, government agencies can embark on an evolutionary path to cloud computing. Transform server, storage and networking resources into secure, efficient resource pools to enable IT as a service. We support private, hybrid or public cloud infrastructure to deliver agility, security, flexibility and cost savings. Harness the power of the cloud while ensuring security and preserving the value of your existing technology investments.

  • Automate provisioning, deployment and operations management.
  • Maintain control while achieving agility with policy-driven automation.
  • Extend beyond your current data center as needed with a seamless hybrid cloud platform.

Enable a Mobile Government Workforce

Government employees, from social workers to firefighters to office workers, often need 24x7 access to applications and information on a variety of devices. Securely meeting these needs in a timely manner with existing resources poses new challenges for government IT leaders. VMware end-user computing solutions let you deliver desktops and applications as a secure, managed service to quickly deploy and provision, keeping sensitive data secure while allowing access to information from anywhere, at any time.

  • Provide staff with immediate, flexible and secure access to applications and data anytime, anywhere.
  • Reduce the cost and complexity of desktop management across the enterprise.
  • Support a wide variety of end-user devices, such as thin and zero clients, smart phones and tablets.

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