VMware Horizon™ DaaS® is sold in multiple service options, giving you the flexibility to support the needs of your end users with cloud-hosted virtual desktops and hosted apps. All begin with a core subscription model.

Purchasing Options

Horizon DaaS cloud-hosted desktops and apps are available from VMware or a VMware Horizon Powered service provider.

Horizon DaaS takes the complexity out of virtual desktops and hosted apps, and that approach extends to providing transparent, predictable pricing.

Cloud-hosted virtual desktops are available in 3 offerings: Standard is designed for knowledge workers, Advanced is designed for power users, and Enterprise is designed for developers and engineers. With Hosted Apps, you to get the ability to publish shared desktops or hosted apps using Remote Desktop Services Host capacity.

Cloud-hosted virtual desktops and Hosted Apps begin with a core desktop subscription. From there, you can add additional desktops and Hosted Apps server capacity. Additional desktops and Hosted Apps Servers can be added at any time, and will have the same term as your core subscription.

In addition, customers may choose to buy additional hard disk storage, which can be distributed across the virtual desktops and hosted apps.

Payment terms Billed monthly, annually or prepaid for the life of the term. Additional discounts available for volume and prepayment.
Required Cloud-hosted virtual desktops: Standard, Advanced, & Enterprise Starter Pack (minimum order quantity of 50) or Hosted Apps Servers (minimum order quantity of 5)
Standard: $35/desktop/month*MSRP
Advanced: $50/desktop/month*MSRP
Enterprise: $100/desktop/month *MSRP
Hosted Apps Servers: $600/Hosted Apps Server/month *MSRP
Add-ons Hard Disk Storage
Included at no additional Cost
  • Public IP address
  • Disk I/O
  • VPN
  • Microsoft SPLA license for cloud-hosted desktops
  • VMware Horizon View client software
  • 2 Gold Patterns
  • Service Level Agreement on availability 99.9%
  • Production level support

Monthly prices are inclusive of the virtual desktops or hosted apps servers, networking bandwidth, public IP addresses and production level support. Monthly pricing begins at the price points above.

VMware Horizon DaaS is offered in monthly, 1, 2, and 3 year contract terms with various options.

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