The VMware vSphere pricing and licensing model explains vSphere costs and simplifies the experience of buying, deploying and managing VMware products.

VMware vSphere can be purchased either through an all-in-one kit or a la carte editions. Kits are all-in-one offerings that deliver all the necessary licenses and features/functionality required to get virtualization running in an environment. Editions are a la carte offerings generally designed for larger or specific IT environments with a broader set of requirements.

Each edition includes a hypervisor as well as features to support basic server consolidation, improve availability, protect data, automate resource management and simplify management operations.

Prices listed are for licenses only; Production, Basic Subscription and Support (SnS), and Incident Support (for vSphere Essentials Kit) are sold separately. Paid upgrades are available for all vSphere and vSphere with Operations Management offerings below to all higher kits or editions.


vSphere with Operations Management is a bundle that includes vSphere and vRealize Operations Standard. Learn more about how to manage vSphere using vSphere with Operations Management and get pricing information.