The purpose of this document is to define the VMware support policy for open source projects. VMware will periodically sell Technical Support programs for various open source projects as documented on the VMware website These services can be provided under specific Basic, Production or Developer Support programs.

Basic and Production Support for Open Source Projects can include:

  • Technical Support on and around the open source software; including installation and configuration advice
  • Source code patches for Severity Level 1, Severity Level 2 Errors and Security Vulnerabilities as defined in the Severity Level Definitions on
  • Access to software downloads (as appropriate), technical content and knowledge base articles

Developer Support for Open Source Projects can include:

  • Technical Support on the use of the software, assistance with application configuration, and assistance with performance tuning unless application code review is required to accomplish such assistance. Application code review is not within the scope of this service.

Open Source Project Version Support

VMware supports multiple versions, and frequently, multiple branches of an open source project, based on three parameters for the version of the open source project is:

  1. Deemed to be "production ready" and stable by VMware developers and support staff
  2. The current release by the open source project or it is one of the prior two stable releases to the current one
  3. Being used in production by a significant number of enterprises and customers as determined by VMware

If the open source project meets the parameters above, VMware will provide support 3 years from the release date of a major branch or 12 months from the release date of a maintenance version as documented on the various open source sites. Once an open source project falls out of the parameters and support timeline, support will be limited to technical assistance only with no source code patches.

With respect to Services for SpringSource and/or vFabric products, Services do not include the following: (i) use of the Software with an unsupported Java Development Kit (JDK) or Java Runtime Environment (JRE); or (ii) APIs, interfaces or data formats other than those included with the Software.