Cloud Automation

In a heterogeneous and hybrid world, the pressure to “go faster” is felt by both development and operations teams that supply and run the applications that drive competitive advantage and enable new business opportunity. VMware cloud automation solutions allow you to deliver IT at the speed of business.

Automate the Delivery of Personalized IT Services

If a virtual machine can be configured in a matter of minutes, then why does it take most companies days and weeks to deliver virtual servers and multi-tiered applications platforms? The answer? Manual, ticket-driven processes. Coordinating IT specialists in multiple groups frequently requires days or weeks to deliver resources needed yesterday.

With our cloud automation solutions, you can deliver the speed and agility the business needs with the control IT requires by automating the delivery of personalized IT service.

Gain Agility Through IT Automation

VMware cloud automation solution help you achieve the next level of IT automation, efficiency and agility by providing a unified automated service delivery platform that delivers infrastructure, application and custom IT services in minutes and hours versus days and weeks.

Deliver Personalization Through Governance Policies

VMware cloud automation policies work together to personalize the delivery of services that meet the specific needs of individual consumers. A rich set of fine-grained policies, including business, machine, reservation and application policies, enforce unique IT and business needs to ensure delivery of the right-size service at the right service level to the right person.

Provide Choice Through Flexibility

Cloud automation solutions integrate with your existing infrastructure, management tools and processes and offer multi-vendor multi cloud support to simplify initial deployment. The extensible framework combined with a library of VMware and partner provided workflows and plug-ins allows IT to rapidly adapt and extend standard process automation capabilities to meet unique business needs.

Increase Efficiency Through Cost Containment

VMware’s cloud automation solution helps you control costs by eliminating unauthorized usage and over-provisioning, as well as reclaiming and reusing inactive resources. Resource costing information and chargeback/showback capabilities help influence resource consumption behaviors. You can also compare the cost of private cloud services to similarly configured public cloud offerings.

Accelerate Application Deployments and Start the Journey to DevOps

To accelerate the delivery of integrated multi-tier applications, VMware automates the application release process. Applications can be modeled once and then deployed many times with consistent configurations across clouds such as VMware vSphere-based private clouds, VMware vCloud Air or other public clouds including Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2). Integration with configuration management products from Puppet Labs, Chef and Saltstack accelerate workload deployments and allow for remediating configuration drift.