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Get up to speed fast and increase sales with VMware Sales Bytes. Whether working with customers new to virtualization or helping existing customers expand their virtualization environments, Sales Bytes provide the relevant content to help you easily increase profitability and streamline sales of VMware solutions.

Each Sale Byte includes materials designed to quickly increase your virtualization expertise, including presentations, a prospecting guide, a value prompter, and customer-ready emails.

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  • Learn how to quickly capitalize on significant server virtualization opportunities and save money, so you can stay focused on your business rather than IT.

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New to Virtualization

Server Consolidation

Leverage this Sales Byte to demonstrate the value of vSphere for a server consolidation project to reduce capital and operational costs and ensure high availability of IT services

Improve BCDR for New Customers

Introduce customers to virtualization and the value of vShpere with Operations Management

Virtualization Expansion

Improve BCDR for Existing Customes

Illustrate the improved business continuity capabilities of higher vSphere editions plus automated disaster recovery features of Site Recovery Manager (SRM)

Simplified Desktop Management

Cross-sell end-user computing solutions to existing vSphere customers and show the benfits of extending virtualization to desktops and mobile devices with View and Mirage

vSphere with Operations Management and Advanced Virtualization

Introduce existing vSphere customers to the value of operational insight and capacity optimization with vSphere with Operations Management or higher vSphere editions