Info Tech Health Check (iTHC) is a benchmarking consultancy that develops and licenses IT benchmarks across 20 industries, four geographies and over 3,500 parameters. iTHC’s focuses on delivering relevant data to customers interested in mapping and optimizing their IT investments, showing customers how they are doing in comparison to their peers and modeling future IT savings and benefits.

VMware’s acquisition of specific iTHC assets complements VMware’s overall services strategy and partner community investments. By combining the benchmarking model and assets from iTHC with VMware’s depth of cloud journey data, VMware will offer the most relevant benchmarking information to companies ready to accelerate their cloud journey and IT transformation. VMware will also be working with select consulting and integration partners on extending their cloud advisory service capabilities, leveraging these combined assets and already established services and products with the VMware Accelerate Advisory Services and VMware IT Business Management (ITBM) suite.

Acquired Product Name Current VMware Product Name Resources
BM Lite, QuickStart and Comprehensive Benchmark VMware IT Benchmark Basic (was BM lite)

VMware IT Benchmark Tower (individual towers)