Transforming IT with Data Center Virtualization and Beyond

VMware and Cisco have a long history of helping companies of all types transform their IT infrastructure to be more responsive to their business needs. Together we deliver joint solutions that businesses trust to run their most critical applications and maintain the highest levels of security and availability. And while we still offer many of the most proven data center solutions on the market, we have extending our joint innovations to branch offices, desktops, and mobile devices. The result are end-to-end cloud infrastructure solutions that help you create a more resilient, efficient, and flexible IT environment that enable your business be more agile and compete more effectively in the marketplace.

Cisco Sells VMware Products as Part of Their Bundled Solutions

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

VMware and Cisco solutions for end user computing enable the delivery of virtual desktops as a managed service, providing a rich client experience, unparalleled desktop data security, superior desktop scalability and management, and substantial reductions in total cost of ownership. With VMware Horizon 6 and Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS), you can accelerate the move to VDI with confidence.

See how Cisco and VMware have teamed up with bundles to simplify your movement into virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI).

Benefits include:
  • Easy to Deploy & Scale – Pre-validated configurations take the guess-work out of sizing & installation. You can easily scale from 100 to tens of thousands of virtual desktops.
  • Simplified Desktop Management – Centralized management of desktop images greatly simplify the tasks of managing those endpoints.  You will accelerate desktop provisioning and patching, and reduce update time from hours to minutes.
  • Optimal User Experience – Optimized performance ensures a consistently good experience across the WAN & LAN.
  • Unparalleled Price-to-Performance Ratio – With industry leading consolidation ratios for Virtual Machines on a single platform, you can dramatically reduce your desktop Total Cost of Ownership.