vFabric Suite Components


vFabric tc Server – Java application server

VMware vFabric® Suite includes a full range of components to build, run and mange modern data-intensive applications on-premise and in the cloud.

VMware vFabric™ tc Server extends Apache Tomcat, the world’s most widely used Java application server, with optimizations for operations management and performance diagnostics.

  • Unparalleled visibility into the performance of Spring Java applications with Spring Insight.
  • Lower memory and disk footprint, allowing for greater server consolidation ratios.
  • Fast startup times and straightforward configuration, enabling faster provisioning and scale out of application instances.
  • Secure remote configuration of servers and applications via web UI and command line.
  • Advanced diagnostics including advanced error reporting and application thread lock detection and alerting.
vFabric Elastic Memory for Java – Java memory pooling

vFabric Elastic Memory for Java (EM4J) enables memory to be shared dynamically among Java virtual machine (JVM) instances without sacrificing performance.

  • Automatically allocate Java heap memory to JVMs that need it most
  • Deploy more of application server VMs on each vSphere host, increasing server consolidation
  • Reduce the likelihood of out-of-memory errors that can cripple your applications
vFabric Web Server – HTTP Server

VMware vFabric® Web Server is a commercial version of Apache HTTP Server, the most widely used web server, and provides high performance, scalability and security while reducing the cost and complexity of web infrastructure.

  • Reduced time spent on deployment and maintenance
  • Higher performance than standard Apache httpd
  • Better security with less effort


vFabric GemFire Application Cache Node – Session & Hibernate Cache

Fabric GemFire Application Cache Node caches frequently accessed data in-memory at the application server and shares it across all application server instances.

  • Increase the speed and scalability of Spring Java applications
  • HTTP session management caching for Tomcat and vFabric tc Server and Apache Tomcat, to eliminate network and disk latency incurred when accessing data from traditional databases
  • L2 Caching for Hibernate, to increase Hibernate performance, reduce database bottlenecks, and support cloud-scale deployment
  • Spring integration and simplified APIs to enable caching with only a few lines of code
vFabric SQLFire Professional Edition – In-memory distributed SQL database

VMware vFabric® SQLFire Professional Edition is a memory-optimized distributed SQL database delivering dynamic scalability and high performance for data-intensive modern applications.

  • Move data at the speed of memory, typically over ten times faster than disk access
  • Accommodate application demand with near-linear scale
  • Leverage existing tools, including Spring Data and JDBC, to accelerate application development

Learn more about vFabric SQLFire – speed, scale and SQL.

vFabric Postgres – vSphere-optimized relational database

VMware vFabric® Postgres is an enterprise class ANSI SQL relational database optimized for VMware vSphere, and fully compatible with proven open source PostgreSQL.

  • Lowered database TCO and increased agility within vSphere environments
  • Elastic database memory to share database memory pools rather than over-provisioning
  • Smart configuration to reduce tuning time after resizing virtual machines
  • Leverage existing standard PostgreSQL tools
vFabric RabbitMQ – Application Message Server

VMware vFabric® RabbitMQ™ lets you speed up, scale out, and integrate your applications with an efficient, highly scalable, and easy-to-deploy queuing software that makes handling message traffic virtually effortless.

  • Integrate applications, even those based on different languages and technologies
  • Increase application scalability by decoupling application tiers, and by distributing work among many application servers
  • Support for a full range of messaging protocols, including AMQP, HTTP, and more

Learn more about vFabric RabbitMQ – messaging that just works.


vFabric Application Director – Automated application provisioning

VMware vFabric Application Director accelerates and automate the configuration and deployment of multi-tier applications. vFabric Application Director is optimized for vFabric components, and is extensible to other components that may be a part of your Spring application.

  • Reduce time to market for new applications by shortening application configuration and provisioning times
  • Integrated with cloud infrastructure provisioning tools like VMware vCloud® Director™
  • Extensible approach to support a wide range of application infrastructure components
  • Automatically publishes deployment changes to vFabric Application Performance Manager, reducing time spent re-configuring monitoring systems.
vFabric Hyperic – Application Monitoring for Web Applications

vFabric Hyperic helps web operations teams monitor the application infrastructure for custom web applications across physical machines, a virtual infrastructure environment, or the cloud.

  • Auto-discover over 120 popular middleware and applications instantly, complete with pre-configured best practice collection for key performance indicators (KPIs) to accelerate monitoring setup.
  • Complete run-book deployment automation, including the ability to copy and reuse monitoring configurations and alert policies, to bring resources under management in under a minute.
  • Comprehensive monitoring for performance, configuration and security changes correlated in an easy to read user interface to enable quick root cause analysis (RCA).
  • Advances alerting and escalation workflows let you reduce alert duplication, irrelevant alerts, and false alarms by setting precise alert condition definitions on a wide range of performance metrics, and can trigger both email notifications and automated control actions for "hands-free" resolution of common problems.
  • Administrative actions such as restarting servers or running garbage collection can be scheduled to run daily, weekly or monthly. They can also run in response to an alert condition, or manually performed via Hyperic's web interface. Learn more about reducing resolution times with automated problem remediation.

Learn more about vFabric Hyperic

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