VMware Supports the Largest Number of Guest Operating Systems

VMware vSphere® supports more guest operating systems than any other virtualization platform. vSphere delivers superior performance with unmodified (fully virtualized) guests, made possible by VMware's exclusive binary translation technology. That means that vSphere can run off-the-shelf operating systems with near-native performance. Other hypervisors suffer serious performance degradation with unmodified guests. VMware vSphere also supports transparent paravirtualization for guest operating systems, which allows a single binary version of the operating system to run either on native hardware or on a hypervisor in paravirtualized mode. This means that support for paravirtualization interfaces is compiled into the kernel, and is present even when the kernel is running on native hardware.

vSphere supports all guest operating systems in a consistent, unbiased manner. For example, vSphere supports 64-way virtual SMP for any guest that supports that many processors - see the full details.

See the VMware Guest Operating System Installation Guide for full details on guest support.