VMware Solutions Support Your Overall X86 IT Infrastructure

Build a virtual infrastructure that integrates well with your existing technology investments. VMware vSphere ® is the most broadly deployed and trusted virtualization platform in the world. With more than 50,000 technology and consulting partners, VMware has created a strong support ecosystem that gives customers peace of mind knowing that VMware solutions integrate well with their existing hardware and software investments.

See how VMware can help you:

  • Get the broadest hardware support.
  • Access the largest number of guest operating systems.
  • Gain access to broad application support.
  • Leverage our partner support programs.

Benefit from Broad Hardware Support

VMware works closely with system OEMs and peripheral manufacturers to certify VMware vSphere Hypervisor with their hardware—usually delivering certification on the day of first release. See the VMware Certified Compatibility Guides for full details on hardware and device support.

While other virtualization platform vendors may claim they don’t need a hardware compatibility list because they use generic general purpose operating system drivers, this claim is not accurate. For example, Citrix XenServer has a hardware compatibility list (HCL) that is much smaller than VMware’s. Microsoft achieves broad hardware support because they use generic Windows Server drivers for Hyper-V deployments. But those Windows drivers have traditionally been the major root cause of Windows instabilities, so there is a clear trade-off with reliability.

VMware vSphere 5.x
Supported Servers
>2,200 certified
Supported Storage
>1,550 certified
Supported Network I/O Cards
>1,500 certified

Note: Data collected July 22, 2013