Data Protection

Improve data protection capabilities

VMware vSphere® provides a fundamentally better platform for data protection. Applications running on vSphere benefit from:

  • Non-disruptive backups – At the time of backup, a snapshot is taken of the virtual machine, and the snapshot is presented to the backup application. This simplifies management by eliminating the need to have an agent running inside the virtual machine. It also avoids consuming resources within the virtual machine for backup jobs.
  • Encapsulation – VMware virtualization encapsulates a complete system—including operating system, applications and data—into a small set of files. As a result, the entire system is backed up and can be recovered in a single operation, eliminating the complexity of traditional data protection solutions.

vSphere Data Protection is a new backup and recovery solution designed for VMware vSphere. It provides advanced deduplication and is included with vSphere 5.1. vSphere Data Protection is powered by EMC Avamar, leveraging years of backup and data recovery expertise and production-proven quality and performance. vSphere Data Protection provides easy setup and management, deduplication, and high-performance virtual machine image-level backup and recovery. It is ideally suited to protect smaller environments of up to 2 TB or 100 virtual machines. Larger environments can be protected by scaling out multiple vSphere Data Protection appliances or by deploying vSphere Data Protection Advanced.

VMware vStorage APIs for Data Protection integrate directly with leading third-party backup products, enabling VMware backup products to protect virtual machines without the disruption and overhead of running backup tasks with agents inside each virtual machine. With the vStorage APIs for Data Protection, traditional backup products can leverage the advantages of the vSphere platform—non-disruptive backups and encapsulation.