Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are VMware vCloud Datacenter Services?

VMware vCloud Datacenter Services deliver globally consistent enterprise-class cloud computing infrastructure services. Offered by VMware-certified service providers, vCloud Datacenter Services provide the business agility and cost effectiveness of public clouds without compromising on portability, compatibility, security and control demanded by enterprise IT organizations.

What are the characteristics of an enterprise-class cloud service?

For a cloud service to be classified as enterprise-class, it must meet the enterprise requirements for security, compatibility, and agility. More specifically, a cloud service is enterprise-class when it provides multi-tier security including physical, infrastructure and user levels, compatible management and security models to enable application portability to and from internal datacenters, and fast self service provisioning of resources.

What differentiates vCloud Datacenter Services from commodity public clouds?

The key differentiators between commodity public clouds are summarized in the following table:

vCloud Datacenter
Other public clouds
Use existing internal VMs or vApps in the cloud
Familiar VMware infrastructure
Authenticate users against enterprise directory
Multi-user, role-based access control
No - one user per account
Identical GUI for internal and external clouds
Move applications between virtual data centers
Predictable performance from resource allocation (committed VDC and dedicated VDC)
No – depends on other tenants’ use
Storage performance
Firewall per vApp and per organization
No - per VM
Full virtual layer 2 networking
No - L3 only
Auditable security with all logs provided
Optional physical segregation of resources

Who delivers vCloud Datacenter Services and how?

VMware partners with global service providers to deliver vCloud Datacenter Services. Initially there are five vCloud Datacenter Services providers, with plans to add more to the program over time. To ensure customers get a globally consistent enterprise-class cloud computing service, VMware defines the architecture and core compute service definitions and certifies the service.

How is vCloud Datacenter Services different from vCloud Express service?

vCloud Datacenter Services is enterprise-class hybrid cloud service that has been designed for enterprise IT organizations. Customers using a vCloud Datacenter Services can expect application portability and infrastructure compatibility with enterprise-class security, control and management.

VMware vCloud Express is a class of service primarily targeted at enterprise application developers. It offers the ability to provision infrastructure on-demand and pay for use by the hour, via credit card.

Can you give me more details on vCloud Datacenter Services?

vCloud Datacenter Services deliver three classes of on-demand, self-service virtual data centers (VDCs):

  • Basic VDC: unreserved “pay for use” class. Designed to quick start pilot projects, and for workloads like automated software testing that are transient and do not need high performance.
  • Committed VDC: provides committed (reserved) compute resources with the ability to burst above committed levels if additional capacity is available. The enterprise subscribes to a committed VDC, ensuring predictable performance and costs. VMware vSphere takes care of guaranteeing the resources for on-demand workloads within a multi-tenant infrastructure.
  • Dedicated VDC: provides dedicated compute resources (using specific, dedicated hardware), sometimes known as “virtual private cloud”. Offers predictable performance by reserving dedicated resources, which is useful for workloads where security or compliance requirements require physical separation.

VMware architected the vCloud Datacenter Services to make it easy for enterprises to move their workloads into it. Any existing VMware virtual machine (VM) or Virtual Application (vApp) can be run in a vCloud Datacenter Service with little or no modification.

All vCloud Datacenter Services also offer unparalleled security: a networking and firewall policy is automatically applied using Virtual Application containers (vApps), and there is also a firewall per organization. All vCloud Datacenter Services are hosted in service provider data centers that meet SAS-70 and/or ISO 27001 security requirements, all security logs are provided, and the service can be fully audited by the enterprise’s security team or qualified 3rd party security auditor.

Access and authentication is performed against the enterprise’s LDAP director, which means that the enterprise can manage its own user population and provide them with role-based access according to its own policies.

What is Global Connect?

Global Connect is a capability of vCloud Datacenter where services from multiple providers in different geographies can be linked. It is enabled by the globally consistent architecture, service definition, and application portability of vCloud Datacenter Services. It allows you to work with your preferred service provider in your region and have access vCloud Datacenter Services in multiple geographies. Through partner-led commercial terms, service level and network interconnect agreements, you have end-to-end service level confidence.

What do I need to get started on a vCloud Datacenter Services?

Existing virtualized applications in your datacenter can be deployed on vCloud Datacenter Services with little to no changes. If you are planning to deploy VMware vCloud Director, you will also benefit from a common security and management model across your private cloud and vCloud Datacenter Services.

Where can I learn more about vCloud Datacenter Services?

To see vCloud Datacenter Services in action or to find an authorized VMware vCoud Datacenter Services provider, read more about VMware public and hybrid cloud solutions or contact VMware.