Simplified Desktop Management

Managing a desktop environment can be a challenging endeavor for any IT department. Trends like mobility and bring your own device (BYOD) are resulting in new demands from users and new challenges for IT teams. These new trends help to drive employee productivity but also demand device and access flexibility as users move to an “always on,” “work from anywhere” model. As organizations grow, so does the complexity of the desktop environment.

IT teams responsible for managing the desktop environment are now forced to look beyond routine maintenance of desktops and look to solutions that help address the unique device, access and security challenges these new productivity trends introduce. Traditional methods of managing the desktop leave little room for innovation and little flexibility to support new work styles.

VMware solutions centralize desktop assets to help simplify desktop management and increase security and control while addressing the new requirement of users. This new model helps IT teams address today’s desktop challenges and evolve to meet new user demands.

Desktop Virtualization

With desktop virtualization the components of the desktop, including the operating system, applications and user data, are virtualized and centralized in the data center. This model helps IT teams simplify management, increase control over desktop assets and improve service levels. Virtualized desktops run in the data center and users can access them, providing them with a consistent experience as they move across devices and locations to maximize workplace mobility and flexibility for users.

Centralized Image Management

With centralized image management the Windows desktop image is centrally managed by IT teams to help simplify tasks such as updates and patches to the operating system and applications. The desktop image is delivered to physical endpoint devices and unmanaged virtual machines, where they are run to ensure users get the best possible experience by taking advantage of local compute resources. Once on the local endpoint device, the desktop image stays in sync with the centralized desktop image, helping to simplify backup and recovery tasks and reduce the effects of device failure and user downtime.

Desktop as a Service (DaaS)

Take advantage of the cloud and deploy Windows desktops and applications as a cloud service. Choose from VMware Horizon® Air™ Desktops or VMware Horizon® Air™ Desktops Platform for Service Providers to deliver cloud-hosted desktops to any user on any device, anywhere. With DaaS, IT can rapidly deliver a rich desktop experience to end users in just a few clicks without sacrificing security and control.

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