VMware and Microsoft Virtualization



VMware pioneered server virtualization. And now we’re virtualizing the entire data center, so your business can reach even higher levels of efficiency, control and agility. And what has Microsoft done? Not much, besides make all kinds of claims about VMware. It’s time you get the real facts.

VMware’s Customer Stories


VMware helped Servier Hungaria Kft., a pharmaceutical company, reduce their business response times from 1 to 2 months down to a few hours.

We opted for the mature and reliable server virtualization solution of VMware that has been widely tested and proven, and offers most of the enterprise level functions that we need.

Viktor M.




VMware delivered to The National Institute of Education (NIE) a flexible, robust, highly available infrastructure for their critical applications

Our proof of concept—which involved testing and creating virtual machines, conducting a physical-to-virtual migration for some of our servers and testing the vMotion feature for high availability—convinced us that VMware had the most mature and flexible product.

Tan H.




ParetoLogic is able to reduce downtime and maximize energy efficiency with VMware

We considered other server virtualization platforms during our exploratory process but security is a big concern for us and we felt that the secure foundation on which VMware’s ESXi platform is built upon, the ease of deployment and management, plus the number of applications per host density VMware offers made them the obvious choice.

Brian V.


VMware Software-Defined Data Center Resources

Learn how VMware's hypervisor-converged approach reduces data center footprint, improves security and enables a better private cloud.


VMware ranked #1 in this new study by the Taneja Group based on four criteria: data center virtualization architecture; software-defined infrastructure; automation and management; and hybrid cloud capabilities.

Overall, VMware stands out as the enterprise SDDC and hybrid cloud leader, due to the strength and maturity of its virtualization platform and growing family of software-defined infrastructure solutions.



VMware ranked #1 for networking extensibility between data center and hybrid cloud in this new study by the Taneja Group.

VMware is unique in offering SMB organizations a proven and well-defined growth path to becoming a software-defined enterprise, including a combination of virtualization-enabled software defined infrastructure, hybrid cloud, and end-user mobility solutions that are designed to work and scale together.



Shrink CapEx for new and existing data centers using software-defined architectures. This report from the Taneja Group finds CapEx savings can run as high as 58 percent. Better still, the software-defined approach can be adopted incrementally.

...only the SDDC choice is extremely flexible in the timing of capital outlays. Instead of transforming a data center with very large chunks of hardware, businesses can start a transformation today using very reasonable bite-size increments. We recommend that businesses of all sizes try out an SDDC approach during their next data center upgrade cycle.


Find out 4 things you need to know about the Software-Defined Data Center. Shrink Capex dramatically with VMware's software-defined approach. Discover the huge savings that are possible for your data center, whether you're starting from scratch or upgrading an existing one.