VMware technology is a fixed component of the T-Systems solution portfolio based on virtualization. About 200 T-Systems ICT experts have been certified by VMware and are continuously trained in new solutions. For example, VMware has found its way into the following solutions:

  • Dynamic Services for Infrastructure with VMware vCloud Data Center Services is a certified solution companies can use to quickly and easily expand their internal IT resources with T-Systems cloud capacities – without invalidating previous investments or incurring fixed costs. Thanks to the use of VMware cloud technologies, T-Systems offers cloud services of the same industry standard as those used by companies worldwide. Companies hence benefit from the agility and flexibility of cloud services as well as from the portability, compatibility, security and control that are essential for large companies – for example, when large quantities of IT resources or servers need to be used for projects at specific times.
  • Application Management & Modernization (AMM) is T-Systems' integral outsourcing offer for management and for further development of applications that are operated by the customer or by T-Systems. AMM is a complete services suite comprising analysis, planning, transition, regular operation and updating in connection with support, maintenance and further development of the business applications over their entire life cycle. With AMM companies can save an average of 25% of their previous costs as well as flexibly and quickly adapt the required resources. This allows companies to gain agility and to improve their international competitiveness through modernization and innovation.
  • Cloud Readiness Services (CRS) enable secure, robust migration to the cloud solution. They entail independent consultation services and migration and system integration solutions for switching to cloud computing. T-Systems has the capacity and the relevant expertise to provide companies with comprehensive support for their transition to a cloud-based solution – from planning to implementation. This way they can quickly and sustainably use the advantages of cloud computing in order to decrease costs and increase their competitiveness.
  • Application Operations for SAP® Solutions is based on the model of classic operation on dedicated hardware or in dynamic services (cloud computing), a worldwide, available, virtualized solution. About 80% of the new business of T-Systems' SAP operation takes place on the Dynamic Services platform. In the dynamic version, customers use the standardized and industrialized SAP services from a private cloud. According to the "use what you need, pay for what you use" principle, the customer only pays the actual resources provided. System performance, user numbers, functional range and service can be adapted to the company's needs at any time. Peak loads can therefore be managed without any problems and usually without delay.