Use server virtualization and consolidation to transform your data center into a flexible cloud infrastructure with the performance and reliability to run the most demanding applications.

Building a Data Center via Virtualization

Begin your cloud journey with server virtualization. Then, at your own pace, evolve toward a fully virtualized software-defined data center architecture: virtualize networking, storage and security to create virtual data centers. Simplify the provisioning of IT resources and applications, and make them available for consumption in minutes. Complete your private cloud by automating management for optimum performance, capacity utilization and compliance.

Data Center Virtualization Products

vCloud Suite

Build an agile, efficient cloud infrastructure that integrates software-defined services, policy-based self-service provisioning and automated management.


Consolidate servers, improve availability, enhance performance and optimize capacity with the world’s leading virtualization platform


Deliver the operational model of a virtual machine for the network to transform data center operations and economics.

Virtual SAN

Cluster server disks to create radically simple shared storage for virtual machines, enabling a resilient, high-performance scale-out architecture that reduces TCO as much as 50 percent.

vSphere with Operations Management

Provide uncompromised control over all IT resources with the world's leading virtualization platform, which offers insight into IT capacity and performance.

Site Recovery Manager

Protect your applications with disaster recovery software that provides simple management, nondisruptive testing and fully automated site recovery.

Data Center Virtualization Topics

Server Consolidation

Pool server resources to reduce hardware count by a factor of 10, lower operating costs up to 50 percent and reduce energy costs by 80 percent. Save an average of $3,000 per year per virtualized workload.

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Software-Defined Data Center

Liberate IT services from the complexity and rigidity of specialized hardware. Gain a true cloud-era infrastructure that delivers unmatched business agility, the highest SLAs, simpler operations and lower costs.

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Disaster Recovery

Get the simplest, most affordable disaster protection for your virtualized applications, without requiring a duplicate, idle data center. Perform single-step automated recovery in a fraction of the time.

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Virtualization and Cloud Management

Manage the health, risk, efficiency and compliance of infrastructure and applications with tools designed for your elastic cloud environment. Automate provisioning, simplify administration and maximize operational efficiency.

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Business Continuity

Virtualize your servers, desktops and applications on a platform with data protection and high-availability built in. Simplify backup and recovery, eliminate planned downtime and minimize unplanned downtime.

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