VMware vRealize™ Operations for Horizon® simplifies the management of your virtual desktop infrastructure and provides end-to-end visibility into its health and performance.

Monitoring and Event Correlation

  • Monitor performance across the entire virtual infrastructure. Automatically analyze monitoring data from your entire virtual desktop infrastructure stack.
  • Track the health of various components in a VMware Horizon 6 deployment. Monitor all storage, compute and network resources—including PCoIP performance, Horizon 6 Connection Servers and Horizon 6 Security Servers—across physical and virtual boundaries.


  • Customize your operating profile. Use ongoing analysis of your entire virtual infrastructure to fine-tune your configuration.
  • Obtain user-specific infrastructure analysis. Automatically learn normal operating parameters for Horizon 6 infrastructure and user workloads. Map health and performance metrics back to impacted sessions, users, desktops and pools.
  • Get proactive warnings. Set alerts based on dynamic rather than “hard” thresholds that adapt to your environment. Receive advanced notifications before events impact end users.

Rapid Remediation

  • Automatically analyze alerts for the root cause. Immediately uncover possible faults or anomalies.
  • Intelligently rank possible reasons for performance issues. Determine the most likely reasons for disturbances. Accelerate how quickly you address issues affecting desktop health and performance.

Greater Utilization

  • Identify over-provisioned hardware, bottlenecks and resource constraints. Reconfigure resources and systems as needed for optimal utilization.