VMware® vCenter™ Server Heartbeat™ protects VMware® vCenter Server™ virtual infrastructure from problems related to applications, configurations, operating systems, networks and hardware.

High Availability

  • Provides automated and manual failover and failback. Ensures vCenter Server availability at the application and service layer and can restart or restore individual services. vCenter Server Heartbeat monitors and protects the Microsoft SQL Server database associated with vCenter Server, even if it's installed on a separate server.
  • Can reach, patch and manage both active and standby nodes over the network at the same time.
  • Monitors and protects VMware View Composer, keeping IT productive by ensuring the high availability of virtual desktops.
  • Protects vCenter Server performance, alerts and events information, keeping it up-to-date even if vCenter Server experiences an outage.

Failover and Failback

  • Has failover process and rules embedded in the product, making manual recovery and failover process definitions unnecessary, for improved disaster recovery.
  • Provides lossless recovery from outages by using data replication to keep the passive server up-to-date.
  • Allows administrators to schedule maintenance and maintain availability by initiating a manual switchover to the standby server.
  • Protects vCenter Server against both local and site outages. Bandwidth compression and split-brain avoidance technology facilitate WAN failovers.


  • Includes improved integration with vCenter Server. Plug-in manages vCenter Server Heartbeat from the VMware vSphere® client; its tasks and alarms are registered in vCenter and displayed in the vSphere Client.
  • Has an easy-to-use interface that allows users to manage multiple instances of vCenter Server Heartbeat from a single location.
  • Can be installed intuitively, with no hardware configuration dependencies. Automatically detects standard vCenter Server components and VMware® Horizon (with View)™ upon installation, providing instant monitoring and protection.