vCloud Automation Center 6.0 provides a consolidated service catalog where users can request and manage infrastructure, applications, and custom services. This is a library of videos available to help VMware employees, partners, and customers better understand the capabilities available in this release.

vCloud Automation Center Overview

These videos provide an overview of vCloud Automation Center including new capabilities available in the 6.0 release.

Requesting and Managing vCAC Services

First we are going to demonstrate the end user experience of requesting new services and managing existing infrastructure and applications through the vCloud Automation Center Service Catalog.


System Wide Administration

These videos look at system wide tasks typically performed by the service provider. These tasks include defining the management endpoints that will be used to discover and manage the infrastructure resources and policies, organizing these resources, and managing tenants and allocating them portions of the underlying infrastructure.


Tenant Administration

After the System and Fabric Administrator discover and allocate the underlying compute fabric to the different tenants. Each tenant administrator can further subdivide their resources into different business groups. These videos look at Business Group management and resource allocation.


Service Authoring

After a tenant administrator configures a one or more business group and assigns them resources the next step is to author the services that they want to make available to those business groups. These videos demonstrate how to Tenant Administrators or Business Group Managers author infrastructure, application and custom IT services.


Service Catalog Management

After authoring services, the next step is to make these services available to select business groups and users. These videos demonstrate How the Tenant Admin or Business Group Manager mange the service catalog entitles users and groups to specific service and actions and configures approval policies.

Extending vCloud Automation Center

vCloud Automation Center’s extensibility allows companies to rapidly enable, adapt, and extend the off the shelf functionality to meet the specific needs and work with their existing infrastructure tools and processes. These videos explore how vCloud Automation Center delivers the quickest time to cloud value.

Business Management

vCloud Automation Center provides chargeback and cost transparency throughout the product so users can see the cost of the services they are requesting. The videos in this section look at how administrators can better understand their fully burdened infrastructure costs, allocate those costs to the services they deliver, and compare costs with similarly configured public cloud offerings.


vCloud Automation Center consists of multiple components to manage infrastructure, applications, custom services as well as perform business management of IT services. These videos demonstrate how to install and configure the various vCloud Automation components.