Key Features and Functionality

Quick Installation and Set-Up

ERS is guaranteed binary-compatible with open-source Apache HTTP, with a consistent installation process and structure across all supported operating systems. Installation is via self-extracting archive, with no requirements as to install location and no dependencies on graphics libraries.

Performance Enhancements

Our pre-compiled builds deliver up to 100% improvement in performance, yielding cost savings from extra hardware capacity and increased uptime. Quick and easy installation reduces deployment time from the typical 3 days to 30 minutes.


ERS customers receive support, alerts, patches, bug fixes and workarounds from leading Apache developers, often before security vulnerabilities are publicly announced.

Optimized SSL Management

  • Includes mod_ssl based on OpenSSL
  • Supports almost all CAs including VeriSign, Thawte, Entrust, and Equifax
  • Supports the Rainbow CryptoSwift and nCipher nFast acceleration cards