VMware® vCenter™ Hyperic® is a component of the VMware® vCenter™ Operations Management Suite™ and is included with Advanced and Enterprise editions.

Purchasing Options

vCenter Hyperic is included with vCenter Operations Management Suite Advanced and Enterprise editions. To learn more about pricing, please refer to vCenter Operations Management Suite Purchasing.

vCenter Hyperic is priced per machine. One vCenter Hyperic agent is needed for each virtual machine, each physical server with its own operating system and each network device that needs to be monitored

Below are examples of how many vCenter Hyperic agents you would need to purchase to monitor virtual machines, physical servers and network devices:

  • Virtual machine - To monitor 100 virtual machines running on 10 vSphere hosts, you need licenses for 100 vCenter Hyperic agents. (You would not count the 10 vSphere hosts.)
  • Physical servers - To monitor 50 physical servers (that are not running vSphere) you would need licenses for 50 vCenter Hyperic agents.
  • Network devices - To monitor 200 network devices, you would need licenses to monitor all 200 devices.

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