VMware vRealize Automation empowers IT to accelerate the delivery of personalized, business-relevant IT services while improving overall efficiency.

Deliver a Personalized Self-service Experience

  • Deliver infrastructure, application or any IT service through a unified IT service catalog.
  • Meet specific business needs at the right service level with personalized, policy-based governance.
  • Automate and accelerate IT service delivery.

Request and Manage IT Services

Request and Manage IT Services

Request and Manage IT Services (5:33 min)

Deploy Across Multi-Vendor, Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure

  • Provide investment protection for current and future technology choices.
  • Deliver governance and control to enable hybrid cloud deployments.
  • Gain flexibility to choose the right cloud platform and location that meets the business needs.

Multi-Vendor, Multi-Cloud Services

Multi-Vendor, Multi-Cloud Services

Multi-Vendor, Multi-Cloud Services (2:49 min)

Unified Blueprint Model and Design Canvas

  • Streamline the design process by assembling applications from pre-built components using a visual canvas with a drag and drop interface.
  • Blueprints as Code: Export, import and edit automation blueprints as text.
  • Accelerate workload deployment by leveraging a library of out-of-the-box content and investments in existing configuration management tools like Chef, Puppet and SaltStack.

Accelerate Application Delivery

Accelerate Application Delivery

Accelerate Application Delivery (8:28 min)

Simplify Application Release Automation and Continuous Delivery with vRealize Code Stream

  • Pipeline Automation: Model any release process for any kind of software.
  • Artifact Management: Assure the right artifact versions for each release.
  • Release Dashboard: Get full visibility into your release process.
  • Extensibility Framework: Leverage existing tools and processes.
Continuous Delivery Platform

Continuous Delivery Platform

Achieve the Quickest Time to Value via an Extensible Automation Platform

  • Comprehensive purpose-built functionality and broad multi-vendor, multi-cloud support built in.
  • Adapt and extend vRealize Automation’s comprehensive purpose-built functionality.
  • Automate the delivery of any IT services.
  • Leverage VMware and partner-provided solutions in VMware Cloud Management Marketplace.