Operations management is a key requirement for any virtualized environment. There are comprehensive capabilities available in vSphere, delivering virtualization with consistent management, purpose-built to help you maximize the benefits of your virtualized data center and get the best performance, availability and efficiency out of your infrastructure and applications from day one.

Consistent Management

  • Unified Command Console: See key performance indicators in easily identifiable colored badges and get a comprehensive view into what is driving current and potential future performance and capacity management issues.
  • Predictive Analytics: Gain comprehensive visibility with over 600 vSphere performance indicators to manage operational health and risks.
  • Performance Monitoring and Capacity Management: Analyze vCenter Server performance data and establish dynamic thresholds for smart alerts about health degradations, performance bottlenecks and capacity shortfalls.

Intelligent Operations

  • Application Awareness and Dependency Mapping: Simplify impact analysis and more easily identify root causes. Build comprehensive disaster plans.
  • Storage Analytics: Easily identify configuration errors, resource starvation and performance issues with deep visibility into virtual and physical storage infrastructure topology.
  • Advanced Capacity Modeling: Save what-if scenarios and commit capacity models to the analytics engine for better capacity calculations and smart alerts.
  • Real-Time Log Analytics: Proactively troubleshoot and improve root cause analysis.
  • Intelligent Workload Balancing: Visualize capacity utilization with workloads across clusters, vCenters, and data centers. A balancing plan recommends optimal placement of the workloads and integrates with DRS to balance the workloads across clusters.

Operations Automation

  • Guided Remediation: Get simple, actionable explanations of problems with recommendations for corrective actions.
  • Automated Capacity Optimization: Increase resource utilization through automated capacity optimization and planning.
  • Automated Standards Enforcement: Automate detection and enforcement of standards to ensure compliance.

Centralized Control and Proactive Resource Optimization

  • Simple deployment: Standardize and simplify how you configure and manage vSphere host deployments.
  • Centralized control: Manage the essentials of vSphere from any browser.
  • Proactive resource optimization: Manage processor and memory resources to VMs on the same physical server.

Workflow Orchestration

  • Workflow creation: Capture key server management processes as best practices using workflow orchestration.
  • Accelerate process automation: Use out-of-the-box workflows and VMware and partner provided vRealize Orchestrator workflows and plug-ins.
  • Powerful management features: Extend plug-ins, centralize scripts and process-related primitives and export workflows.

Workload Capacity Optimization and Performance

  • Capacity optimization: Make sure environments are right-sized to meet your needs.
  • Performance monitoring: Identify emerging issues before they impact your end users.
  • Operations visibility: Customize dashboards and provide role-based access for better collaboration.