Streamline Storage Provisioning

Profile-Driven Storage provides visibility into your storage pool, letting you optimize and automate storage provisioning. Give VMware vSphere® administrators the ability to overcome upfront storage provisioning challenges, such as capacity planning, differentiated service levels and managing capacity headroom. Administrators can meet growing business needs by provisioning datastores at scale, eliminating the need to provision virtual machines on a case-by-case basis.

  • Manage initial and ongoing virtual machine placement based on pre-defined requirements.
  • Create datastore clusters to support VMware vSphere® Storage DRS™.
  • Gain deep insight into storage characteristics via integration with vSphere APIs for Storage Awareness (VASA).

Ensure Application Service Levels Match Available Storage

Matching application service levels to the available storage is difficult when you must manually choose between different datastores and different storage tiers, especially when the right application service level is not known or changes over its lifecycle. With vSphere Profile-Driven Storage, vSphere administrators can ensure application service levels match the available storage, which limits the ongoing need for monitoring and troubleshooting.

  • Use compliance checks to ensure a virtual machine is always on appropriate storage.
  • Find non-compliant virtual machines and correct the error via VMware vSphere® Storage vMotion®.

Allocate Storage Without Complex Coordination

Managing storage allocations to support dynamic environments can require extensive coordination between application owners, virtual machine owners and storage administrators, often resulting in downtime for critical applications. Profile-Driven Storage lets storage administrators do their job without causing service interruptions or having to coordinate multiple groups.

  • Improve application uptime and business continuity.
  • Reduce coordination between administrative groups.
  • Reduce effort needed to properly allocate storage.

Technical Details

Dynamic Storage Provisioning

Using Profile-Driven Storage, various storage characteristics, including SLA, availability and performance, can be requested in a virtual machine storage profile. These profiles are used to ensure that only those datastores or datastore clusters that are compliant with the virtual machine storage profile are made available. The virtual machine storage profile can also help select a similar type of datastore when creating a Storage DRS datastore cluster. Profile-Driven Storage will reduce manual administration for virtual machine placement while improving virtual machine SLA storage compliance.

Virtual Machine Compliance Status

Profile-Driven Storage makes it easy to validate virtual machine compliance. vSphere provides a single pane of glass to check compliance of all virtual machines and the associated virtual disks, ensuring that even administrators who don’t necessarily have access to all the different layers can validate compliance on the virtual machine summary.

Profile-Driven Storage eliminates the need to maintain complex spreadsheets and validate compliance manually during every migration or virtual machine creation.