Access to U.S. Citizen / U.S. Soil support exclusively for U.S. Federal customers

  • Receive included coverage for eligible products when purchasing from the U.S. Federal price list / GSA schedule through VMware’s authorized Government Dealer.
  • Interact with experienced technical support engineers with U.S. citizenship, located on U.S. soil.
  • Gain direct access to the dedicated U.S. Federal technical support team through an exclusive
    1-800 number.
Why U.S. Federal Technical Support?

VMware U.S. Federal Technical Support was created to meet the needs of the United States Federal government, especially those working in intelligence, aerospace and national security, that require speaking with technical support engineers who are U.S. citizens located in a support center in the United States.

Which customers are covered under U.S. Federal Technical Support?

All U.S. Federal customers automatically receive, at no additional cost, U.S. Federal Technical Support when they purchase eligible licenses and Support and Subscription contracts from the U.S. Federal price list or GSA schedule.

What products are covered?

Eligible products sold on the U.S. Federal price list or GSA schedule are covered. Software products recently acquired by VMware may eventually be supported under the U.S. Federal Technical support offering. To learn which products are currently not eligible / excluded, VMware Virtualization for Government page.

What levels of support are available with U.S. Federal Technical Support?

U.S. Federal Technical Support does not include specialized Service Level Agreements (SLAs). All the SLAs are dictated by the support offering that was purchased from the U.S. Federal price list or GSA schedule. Please refer to the SLAs that have been defined for VMware’s standard support offerings.

How does U.S. Federal Technical Support work?

U.S. Federal customers should contact Support using an exclusive toll-free number that is answered by a dedicated group of Technical Support Engineers (TSEs). These U.S. Federal TSEs are U.S. citizens located in a support center in the United States. This telephone number is not available for use by our private sector customers.

U.S. Federal TSEs answer all calls directly, and act as the Customer Service Representatives who perform all customer entitlement checks, the Licensing Specialists who validate licenses and contract information, and the TSEs who troubleshoot your technical issue.

Can U.S. Federal customers file their support requests via the web?

We cannot guarantee support requests filed via the Web will be assigned to a U.S. Citizen on U.S. Soil. Please do not file support requests via the web; instead, all support requests should be filed by telephone using the exclusive U.S. Federal Support telephone number.

Can I send classified and top secret information?

VMware is not authorized to store classified / sensitive data. We offer a tool for you to scrub your log files before sending them to us. Please contact the U.S. Federal Technical Support team for the latest version of the tool.

What if I need a Technical Support Engineer with a higher level of clearance?

VMware cannot guarantee we have someone on staff beyond Secret Clearance.

What if I want to escalate my case?

Escalations work exactly as the documented procedure on, except you should escalate your case using the exclusive U.S. Federal support number. For further information, see the Support Escalation page.

VMware cannot guarantee your case will be handled by a U.S. Citizen on U.S. Soil if it is escalated outside of the Global Support Services organization.

I am an existing Business Critical Support customer, what number do I call?

U.S. Federal customers who have Business Critical Support (BCS) can initiate support requests either through the BCS program (normal 800 number) or through the U.S. Federal Technical Support program (exclusive 800 number).

Who should I contact for more information?

You can learn more by contacting the U.S. Federal Sales team: dial one of VMware's toll free numbers, choose the Sales option and then U.S. Federal Government customers.